It’s real and it’s coming!

A killer comet is speeding towards Earth and will destroy the planet and everyone on it.

But a disbelieving public mocks the astronomers trying to warn them. 

Don’t Look Up is a new movie this month starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as the hapless astronomers.

During the filming, Jennifer Lawrence suffered a tooth calamity. The porcelain crown on one of her teeth fell out.

“I lost a tooth pretty early in the filming and I couldn’t go to the dentist until the end of the movie,” she said, “so I had to film most of the movie toothless.”

The film has a host of other stars, including Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Matthew Perry, and many more.

It was written, produced, and directed by Adam McKay, the man behind Anchorman, Vice and The Big Short.

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Banned DiCaprio flick exposed

Prohibited from ever being shown in the U.S. and Canada!

Ad-libbed indie flick ‘Don’s Plum’ made in the mid-1990s featured then little-known actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Now superstars, DiCaprio and Maguire fought tooth and nail to prevent the film from ever being released.

Well, now it’s out:


The New York Post exclusively obtained court documents, footage of depositions from the actors, and other materials that reveal the complete story of the movie DiCaprio and Maguire never wanted the public to see.

Reprinted from the New York Post — story by Steven Greenstreet and Tamar Latin:

Shot over six days between July ‘95 and March ‘96 in “Clerks”-like black-and-white style, it tells the story of a group of 20-something guys who gather every Saturday night at a Los Angeles diner the film is named for, each with a new girl.


In it, DiCaprio plays rude, standoffish Derek, whose standout lines are: “Do you girls masturbate at all?” and “I’ll fucking throw a bottle at your face, you goddamn whore.” He does then throw a glass — at Amber Benson of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ fame — in a cringe-inducing scene meant to scare the actress away from the set.

Early DiCaprio flick banned

Maguire’s character, Ian, meanwhile, in one scene — which was cut from the final version of the film at his behest — reveals his unusual masturbation habits.

The characters the stars portray are “not necessarily who [DiCaprio and Maguire] are,” said Tawd Beckman, one of the producers.

“But of course it is so free-flowing and it seems so natural, that an audience is gonna look at that, look at DiCaprio, look at Maguire and say, ‘Oh, that’s who they are.’ ”


It’s for that reason that Wheatley, Beckman and others suspect DiCaprio and Maguire didn’t want U.S. audiences to ever see their characters on the big screen.

In depositions given as part of a 1998 lawsuit — which resulted in the film being banned in the country — DiCaprio and Maguire said it was because they never meant for the film school-like project to become a full-length feature.

In the aftermath, DiCaprio moved on to unimaginable fame and star-studded projects, and Maguire got his big break as ‘Spider-Man.’

But the others involved, like Wheatley, had to live with the fallout: ruined careers, destroyed friendships, divorce and thoughts of suicide.

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L.A. 1969

Quentin Tarantino at his best


Tarantino rewrites history


L.A. 1969
The beautiful Sharon Tate, butchered by a maniac.

“The Sixties ended abruptly on August 9, 1969, when word of the murders on Cielo Drive traveled like a brush fire through the community.” — Joan Didion

Slaughter on Cielo Drive

Slaughter on Cielo Drive

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