Herd mentality

The government tells us to get a potentially dangerous vaccine and we do.

Most people let the government do the thinking for them. They don’t think for themselves. The government tells them to inject themselves with an experimental, unfully tested concoction of ingredients that have caused blood clots and a horrorscape of other hideous reactions, and possibly alter their DNA and turn them or their children into freaks, and these people actually do what the government tells them and submit to the possibly poisonous injection.

They believe people like Dr. Fauci, who was proved to be a liar, unconscionably lying under oath before the U.S. Senate that he didn’t know about the virus being “engineered” in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, when all along, not only did he know, but his health institute donated millions to the Wuhan research, knowing that it could cause a global pandemic.

My God, Dr. Fauci is worse than literature’s Doctor Faustus, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for power. 


People of the herd believe the lies of the Big Pharma drug companies, one of whom, Johnson & Johnson, knew about the danger of asbestos in its talcum baby powder and yet continued to sell it to mothers with babies, causing mothers to die from ovarian cancer and others to become stricken with mesothelioma.

These same companies are now saying it’s safe to inject little babies and teenagers with the covid vaccines.

The companies of course have added a hundred fold to their filthy riches because of the pandemic. Greed being their sole motive, obviously they’re going to continue to hawk their dangerous products. They are snake oil salesmen of death.

Why would anyone believe these proven liars and put their lives and the lives of their children at risk?

The government seeks “herd immunity” — herd as in herd of cattle or sheep. They shame the unvaccinated and tell them they are a danger to the new brainwashed society of the vaccinated herd.

Then there are the people who think for themselves and tell these lying, profiteering “shepherds” that they are not sheep or cattle, that they are human beings and they have a right to think for themselves.

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Would you be injected with a vaccine made by lying crooks?

U.S. health authorities the CDC and the FDA have given Johnson & Johnson the okay to resume its blood clot plagued Covid vaccine.

Would you want to be vaccinated or allow your children to be vaccinated by a Big Pharma company that knowingly sold asbestos-laced talcum powder to women with babies?

In the baby powder case Johnson & Johnson “knew the damage their product caused and knowingly targeted women and babies,” a judge ruled.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to hear the pharmaceutical giant’s plea to worm out of paying $2-billion in damages for selling baby powder containing talc that caused ovarian cancer in women.

The “defendants knew of the presence of asbestos in products that they knowingly targeted for sale to mothers and babies,” a civil court judge wrote in his decision last year. “They knew of the damage their products caused, and misrepresented the safety of these products for decades.”

Now, Johnson & Johnson and other Big Pharma companies are making fortunes on potentially dangerous Covid vaccines that have never been fully tested.

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A St. Louis Circuit Court jury originally awarded $4.7-billion to 22 women who used J&J talc products and developed ovarian cancer. The amount was reduced to $2.1-billion on appeal — a mere 2.4 percent of the New Jersey company’s $84-billion revenue.

The lawsuit was one of many filed on behalf of thousands of women who said J&J’s talc-based products like baby powder contributed to their ovarian cancer. Other suits have said that the products caused mesothelioma. 

An investigation in 2018 by Reuters found that Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that there was asbestos in its baby powder. Last year the company stopped selling its baby powder in the U.S. and Canada.

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