No room for error


The mathematical precision of the Universe presents a good argument for — if not God, then a masterful hand at work, a consummate craftsman, an extraordinary magician, a genius mathematician.

Synchrony is the key to the whole supersonic spinning symphony of creation. The mathematical formula, the geometric calculations necessary to maintain such delicate harmony between each planet in every solar system in every galaxy are beyond comprehension.

One miscalculation and the planets and the stars and the whole shooting match would have gone haywire.

The Universe as we know it wouldn’t exist. There would be no livable planets, no animals, no human beings; consequently, there wouldn’t be any politicians or wars or religion. There wouldn’t be any God, not one that we would be aware of, because we wouldn’t exist.

Or if there was still a God, he would’ve failed math. The Universe would be a chaotic mess of unlivable planets flying all over the place and crashing into each other ad infinitum.

The Universe would be one cosmic-size Dodgem Car ride.

But it all worked out. Brilliantly. Fantastically.

So, whether the chief designer, the mathematician, the craftsman, the creator is called God or Pythagoras or Mandrake or Clever Puss is of little importance.

If one acknowledges the precise genius of the Universe and submit that such exactness, such accuracy, such perfection could not be mere chance, then life is not so fcmking meaningless after all.


The right-hand side of the equation describes the energy contents of the universe, including the ‘dark energy’ that propels current cosmic acceleration, explained astrophysicist Mario Livio. The left-hand side describes the geometry of space-time. The equality reflects the fact that in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, mass and energy determine the geometry, and concomitantly the curvature, which is a manifestation of gravity.


Life and death in a bucket of water

From K., an old friend in Australia, a poignant essay on life and death in the universe:

We are the first in history to know the vast extent of ‘creation.’

First it was castles and kings, four seasons, church on Sunday. Then the book of Job(s)!

The tiny electrons and virus’s spell the end of us, end of evolution as we tinker with DNA.

Yesterday I had left a bucket of water by our leaking rain tank, and overnight a small (2cm) six leg animal had fallen onto the surface of the water, and spread itself to stay on the surface.

Being a nocturnal creature, when the sun came up he/she (unused to light) was literally crucified as the sun rose to the heat of day.

I took the body out of the bucket and lay it on the ground and ants devoured its life fluids. I felt terrible, as I had set the scene, so to speak.

Galaxies, small animals and God, and us, we strut and sway our time on Earth.

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