How many innocent civilians will die?

As the world turns a blind eye!

Putin cannot be stopped!

Putin cannot be stopped!

Mass murderer

And here’s why — a monstrous plan straight out of ‘Dr Strangelove!’

Russia has a Doomsday Device dubbed ‘Dead Hand’ which could destroy America in 30 minutes.

If activated by Putin or a high-ranking official, a computer system would launch Russia’s entire nuclear arsenal directly at the U.S., warns former American intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler.*

It can be activated even if the Russian regime is destroyed and Putin or his generals are unable to authorize a nuclear strike.

In that situation, the computer would send signals to nuclear weapons silos, directing all Russian nuclear missiles to launch.

Which is why there is not one country on this planet that has the guts — the suicidal resolve — to stand up to Putin and end the slaughter.

Especially America, under the feeble command of a senile political hack.

Biden weakling

Yet, evil of this grotesque magnitude should be confronted. Putin should not be allowed to hold the entire world hostage to unspeakable brutality.

If the free countries of the world hadn’t had the guts to stop Hitler, life on earth would not have been worth living — and today there is little difference between Hitler and Putin.

Putin and Hitler

Ironically, it was Russia that defeated Nazi Germany in the World War II, the anniversary of which is coming up May 9th.

So, allowed to continue his barbaric onslaught, Putin will move to invade Poland next and advance deeper into Europe.

And the grotesque images of butchery will continue.

Putin cannot be stopped!

Putin cannot be stopped!

Putin cannot be stopped!

Putin cannot be stopped

Putin cannot be stopped

Ukraine horror

Please save this child

This beautiful innocent child could be the next victim of Putin’s barbarity.

*Rebekah Koffler is the president of Doctrine & Strategy Consulting, and the author of  ‘Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America.’

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Latest atrocity!


Putin destroys maternity hospital

Women and babies buried under the wreckage


‘Apocalyptic’ scenes in the port city of Mariupol

The Red Cross reports conditions in Mariupol are ‘apocalyptic.’

Food, water and electricity were cut off more than a week ago when Russian forces surrounded the city.

More than 3,000 babies in the city are without access to food or medicine.

Putin destroys maternity hospital
Survivors helped from hospital
Pregnant woman saved
Pregnant woman among those saved
Lucky survivor
One lucky little survivor

Close the sky says Z!

Ukraine President Zelensky asks: How much longer will the world be an accomplice to this terror?

“Close the sky right now!,” he said, referring to his no-fly zone plea. “Stop the killings! You have the power but not the humanity.”

Putin bombs maternity hospital

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