Tale of Two Americas


California used to be THE place to move to in pursuit of the American Dream — now it’s Florida

California is a model for dysfunction, writes Kyle Smith in the New York Post, while Florida is the new destination.

On many critical questions facing our culture, our economy and our society, California and Florida offer radically different answers, Smith writes.

Should new affordable housing be built? California says no, Florida says yes.

Should homeless people be allowed to turn public spaces into tent cities? California says yes, Florida says no.

Should public elementary schools teach critical race theory California says yes, Florida says no.

Should gasoline be $4 a gallon? California says yes, Florida says no.

Should biological males be allowed to dominate girls’ sports? Florida says no. California not only says yes.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (left) and California’s Gavin Newsom have two totally different approaches to government.

The truth can be found in the population shift. California’s population in 2020 shrank for the first time ever, by 180,000 people, whereas Florida had the second-highest increase in population, after Texas.

Smith’s column excerpted here:

During the pandemic, California introduced some of the harshest lockdown measures in the country, crashing its economy, while Florida was among the first states to begin reopening, way back in May of 2020, and has been almost entirely open since September.

Florida had the second-fewest coronavirus restrictions; California ranked 45th among the 50 states. Whether lockdowns are effective or not, there is no question they bring economic calamity.

California’s economy is still suffering, its unemployment rate standing at 7.9 percent. Florida’s unemployment is below 5 percent.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and California’s Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, are exact opposites in terms of governing.

Widespread disgust with Newsom’s leadership has led to a recall vote to be held on Sept. 14.

Tightly restricted housing policies, high taxes and punishing, traffic-clogged commutes make California increasingly untenable for average earners as wealthy progressives buttress themselves behind high gates, go to work on glistening corporate campuses.

California has a colossal problem in homelessness, and it is determined to take steps to make it worse.


Tent cities have popped up throughout the state, and drugs, violence and public defecation are the new norm.

Crime is out of control in California cities. The decision by San Francisco’s leftist district attorney Chesa Boudin not to prosecute minor crimes is being taken as an engraved invitation by San Francisco shoplifters, and the middle class suffers as favorite retailers such as Walgreens and Target are forced to close their doors.

In San Francisco murders soared 31 percent last year, more than double Florida’s rate, and the city is the nation’s leader in property crime.

Any visitor to Florida will tell you the state looks orderly. Florida municipalities use a variety of measures to discourage loitering on the streets, including arresting for trespassing, effectively putting a lid on homeless squatters.

Maintaining basic order and the rule of law comes first in Florida. A healthy society depends on people feeling secure.

“Florida in 2021 is reminiscent of California in the 1950s,” writes Jacksonville resident Charles C.W. Cooke in National Review, calling it “a place to which ordinary people are flocking in order to take advantage of the nice weather, good economy, open spaces and explosive construction.”

Florida is America’s freest state, according to a Cato Institute survey: No. 1 in fiscal freedom, No. 1 in educational freedom. Cato dubs California one of the least free states and “the most cronyist state in the union,” meaning government and its chosen allies work to milk the public purse for all they can.

Florida earned a grade ‘A’ for providing online access to how it spends its taxpayer dollars, while California got an ‘F’ — the worst-scoring state in America.

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Snakes in grass deserve kick in ass

To call politicians lowdown dirty rotten snakes is, of course, an insult to lowdown dirty rotten snakes.

In the Age of Covid, politicians lock you in and lock you down and if you don’t stay locked in and locked down they lock you up. And they do this while eating out without masks and doing whatever the hell they please because they are the high-and-mighty bosses and We the People — the common man and the working woman and me and you and Susie Q — are lowly slaves, even though we may have voted the fockers in.

Politicians are lowdown snakes
Oregon Governor Kate Brown

In the great forked-up state of Oregon, where it is now legal to snort cocaine and shoot up heroin, der Führerin, the innocuously named bisexual Kate Brown (real name Caterina F. Franco) has made it illegal to have more than six people from two households for Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you decide to be a real turkey about it and invite seven people over, maybe the lonely widower from a third household down the street, armed troopers will storm your house and drag you off, kicking and screaming and eating a drumstick to the slammer — 30 days and a $1,200 fine.

Politicians are lowdown snakes
Maskless California Governor Gavin Newsom dining inside with maskless friends at a fancy French restaurant.

California Führer Gathering Nuisance has a doozy of a Thanksgiving for folks out there. Family get-togethers must be held outside (even in 100-degree Palm Springs), have people from no more than three households, last no longer than two hours, and food must be in single-serve disposable containers.

You can only go inside to use the bathroom, which of course must be frequently sanitized. And tell the guy who’s been hiding in the bathroom that it’s safe to come out, Newsom’s Covid enforcers have left.

Politicians are lowdown snakes
New York Mafia kingpin Andrew “Andy the Jowls” Cuomo

New York’s Andrew Mussolini has also laid down the law — no more than a ten people for gatherings held inside.

Yo, Andy and all the rest of youse bums, think about it, Covid doesn’t suddenly stop infecting at the sixth person in the room or the tenth person and say, Whoa, that’s my limit in this house, off to the next.

The sickest joke this week involving gubernatorial dictators is that New York’s Cuomo was awarded an Emmy by those Hollywoodpecker looney tunes for his leadership during the early days of Covid — conveniently ignoring the fact that he ordered more than 6,000 Covid-positive patients to be locked away in nursing homes, infecting entire populations of elderly residents.

Nursing home scandal

New York now has one of the highest nursing home death tolls in the nation, with — who would’ve guessed! — more than 6,000 deaths linked to the virus.

Those Hollywood liberals should rename the Emmys the Benito Mussolinis.

[Interesting aside: The original Benito Mussolini, before becoming a politician, was a journalist. That’s pretty ironic, considering that today’s journalists and politicians are cut from the same snakeskin.]

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