We are doomed


The planet earth has been sick for years. It has emphysema from breathing its own carbon emissions. The smokestacks of industry are gargantuan cigarettes. Terminal cancer is not far off.

(The Captains of Industry finally yanked the TV commercials — 🎶 Smokestacks smell good / Like a smokestack should. 🎶)

And now the planet’s population is sick. Millions of people are infected with the deadly virus. Many have already died. Others have died or been sickened by the vaccines. Entire countries are in lockdown. Disruptions in the food supply chain are causing dire shortages and soaring prices. 

The world’s defense forces are at a low level of capability. Armies and air forces around the world have been weakened by the virus.

All in all, this is a perfect time to hear from the occupants of those mystery craft that dart around the sky in startling ways far beyond the possibilities of our physical laws.

What the fuck is that!

In short, this small sick planet is easy pickings for Whoever Or Whatever is Out There (WOWOT).

Even if they are peaceful, you know it’s going to end badly. Our stupid HUTA* politicians will make fearful knee-jerk decisions to scramble warplanes with orders to fire on command.

Obviously it will be a one-sided battle. This tiny blue dot in the vast black void will be turned into a cinder in no time flat.

As E.E. Cummings wrote: ‘Pity this busy monster, manunkind.’

*Heads up their ass

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Life and death in a bucket of water

From K., an old friend in Australia, a poignant essay on life and death in the universe:

We are the first in history to know the vast extent of ‘creation.’

First it was castles and kings, four seasons, church on Sunday. Then the book of Job(s)!

The tiny electrons and virus’s spell the end of us, end of evolution as we tinker with DNA.

Yesterday I had left a bucket of water by our leaking rain tank, and overnight a small (2cm) six leg animal had fallen onto the surface of the water, and spread itself to stay on the surface.

Being a nocturnal creature, when the sun came up he/she (unused to light) was literally crucified as the sun rose to the heat of day.

I took the body out of the bucket and lay it on the ground and ants devoured its life fluids. I felt terrible, as I had set the scene, so to speak.

Galaxies, small animals and God, and us, we strut and sway our time on Earth.

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Our worries may soon be over


Stressed out about life on Earth these days?

Don’t worry, our troubles may soon be over.

The planet Earth is living on borrowed time — big time.

We are overdue for a massive catastrophic event that would destroy all life on land and in the sea.

Mass extinction events in the past are known to have occurred every 27 million years, according to scientific calculations based on the orbits of our planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

The last global annihilation on Earth was when a huge asteroid wiped all the dinosaurs.

That was 66 million years ago.

Ergo, Earth is 39 million years overdue for cosmic Armageddon.



The meteor of doom is running late, but when it hits, the world will be plunged into darkness and unsurvivable cold and pounded with acid rain that would destroy all land and marine life.

Catastrophic events such as meteor strikes and gigantic volcanic eruptions follow a cycle.

Global extinctions coincide with what the scientists call “flood-basalt eruptions,” where huge amounts of lava burst out onto the Earth’s surface, causing lethal greenhouse heating and cutting off oxygen in the ocean.

“Large-body impacts and the pulses of internal Earth activity that create flood-basalt volcanism march to the same drumbeat as the extinctions,” scientists say, as published in the recent journal Historical Biology.

Three mass annihilations of land and sea species in the last 250-million years followed this same large-body impact/volcanism pattern. There is no scientific reason why that would change.

So, if I may paraphrase a famous movie title, Learn to stop worrying and love the meteor.


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