What did I say?

Remember during the presidential bebate when Biden called Trump “the worst president America has ever had.”


The opposite is true. Look at the criminal chaos at the southern border, free passage for drug cartels and child smugglers. Add to that free handouts of baby formula to illegal aliens while American babies go without.

The worst president ever.

Look at the runaway crime in ‘blue states,’ even to the point of condoning pro-abortion violence against justices of the Supreme Court.

Look at the disastrous handling of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, where billions of dollars of the most advance weaponry in the world was left for the enemy, and the crucially strategic Bagram Air Force base was handed to China. That becomes alarmingly important when we see headlines like this from the U.S. Naval Institute:

China Preparing for Missile Attacks on US Navy, Aircraft Carriers

The current administration is so weak and compliant that America’s mortal enemies see it as easy pickens in the global arena. This president, having decimated oil production in the U.S., now buys billions of dollars worth of oil from ‘Death to America’ Iran — and worse than that, still buys oil from Russia, thus aiding and abetting mass murderer Putin finance the atrocities in Ukraine.

The list of criminal, incompetent and cowardly actions and inactions by this administration goes on almost endlessly. The common man and the working woman and the regular Joe and Jack and Jill, need look no further than the shocking rise in food and gas prices, and the frightening food shortage, with no end in sight, and ask yourself, not from a partisan standpoint, but honestly, for the sake of your family’s survival: Who is the worst president America has ever had?

With due respect and sympathy to people suffering from dementia, it’s a short road between senility and insanity. This guy has obviously lost his mind.

The worst president ever.

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A Dangerous game with the Nuclear Football


A confused man with recognizable and increasing dementia has the sole authority to launch a nuclear war.

Even members of his own Democrat party want Joe Biden to give up his access to America’s nuclear arsenal.

The corporate media refuse to report this very real danger. After all, they’re the ones who helped get him elected just to get rid of the evil monster Donald Trump.

Voters elected a man to the highest office in the land, and in fact the world, whose brain is seriously malfunctioning. [Video at bottom, Biden’s Brain] And they knew it.

A vote for Joe Biden was a act of selfish irresponsibility, motivated solely by a psychotic hatred for Trump. What America has now is a serious situation.

This elderly, frail, bewildered man, and this man alone, has the nuclear launch codes.

Even his own Democrats are terrified that he might wake up in the middle of the night in a haze of dementia and punch in a few buttons and BAROOM!

Biden and nuclear war.

But it’s a no-win situation. Democrats want to take the nuclear codes away from Biden and give them to Vice President Kamala Harris — conjuring up an even more nightmarish scenario. Hideously so.

Biden and nuclear war.
American freak show

The Democrat Party is furious that Biden didn’t inform Harris he was going to bomb Syria. The party’s ultimate goal is to wrest the presidency from Biden and put Harris in charge.

This has been the plan all along, of course, but Dems are anxious to speed up the process as Biden’s ‘cognitive skills’ get alarmingly worse.

But what seems to have been left out of the Dem Master plan is a large black briefcase.


The ‘football’ contains the codes to launch a nuclear war that would destroy life on earth.

Everywhere the president goes, the briefcase goes, carried by rotating U.S. military aides assigned to the White House.

If the president decides to use the briefcase, he/she would authenticate his/her identity by using constantly changing ‘Gold Codes’ printed on a card known as the ‘biscuit’ that the president carries at all times.

Once the identity is authenticated, the president would then give the order for a nuclear strike to the National Military Command Center in the Pentagon and to U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska.

And they would follow those orders.

Well, then, goldarn it, folks, we’ve got a ‘Dr Strangelove’ situation right there.




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