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After destroying cities, domestic terrorists now plan to take their war to suburbia

Antifa extremists warn: “We will assassinate white families until justice is served!”

The lunatic mob threatened on social media to invade residential areas and “take what’s ours.”

In a video posted on Twitter, the left-wing radical group known as Antifa (Anti-fascist) admitted its purpose is to destroy property and kill people. 

They said they are being paid by groups organized by extreme left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Stacks of bricks are being stockpiled at protest locations, ready to be thrown at people, through store windows and at car windshields.


Twitter shut down the site, but not before the tweets were seen by millions of people — citizens who are now barricading their homes.

The group laid out its battle plan after President Trump announced that he intends to designate Antifa as a terror organization. Authorities are now on high alert.

After causing widespread destruction in cities across America, the thugs now plan to move into residential areas.

“F— the city!” tweeted a chapter in Portland, Oregon, and announced gathering locations in middle-class suburbia.


The white Minneapolis cop who pressed his knee down on George Floyd’s neck until the black man died, has now been charged with second-degree murder. His partners, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane will be charged with aiding and abetting murder.


In Chicago, a man disguised in a Joker mask set fire to a police SUV in the downtown area. Timothy O’Donnell now faces federal charges.

George Floyd riots
‘Joker’ puts petrol bomb in cop car gas tank
And sits down as it burns


Kids with guns “keep the peace” in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

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No, America, you’re not ‘better than this!’


George Floyd riots ripping America apart from Brooklyn to Beverly Hills

As Americans kill, burn and rampage with hatred and revenge over the latest cold-blooded murder of a black man by a white cop, politicians get up on their self-righteous soapboxes and spout the same old platitudes, “We’re better than this,” and “This is not who we are.”


Well, I’ve got news for you, America. This is exactly who and what you are, from the Civil War to the lynchings that followed — more than 3,400 African Americans lynched between 1882 and 1968 — to the Watts riots in Los Angeles in 1965, and Martin Luther King’s assassination in Memphis in 1968, and the brutal beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles in 1992 —


— and the “I can’t breathe” death of Eric Garner in New York City in 2014, and now the “I can’t breathe” death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Oh, by the way, the heinous crime that cost George Floyd his life! — trying to buy a pack of cigarettes with a phony $20 bill. Derek Chauvin, the cop who killed him, has been charged with murder and is in jail — on suicide watch.

The cop who started the nationwide chaos, Derek Chauvin, with his knee on George Floyd’s neck, crushing the life out of him.

So, no, America, you are not “better than this.” Just get over yourselves being the greatest country in the world and all that crap and admit that this is who you are — and then, for Christ’s sake, figure out a way to change who the hell you are.

Michael Jordan on George Floyd’s death: “We’ve had enough.”

“We’ve had enough.”

NBA legend Michael Jordan believes the best way for the country to move forward in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death is to put “pressure” on elected leaders to “change our laws,” or use their right to vote to create “systemic change.


This is madness — New York City police SUVs plow into crowd of protesters in Brooklyn:

George Floyd protests held as far away as New Zealand


Thousands of New Zealand protesters gathered in major cities to protest in solidarity against the killing of George Floyd in the United States (AFP Photo/Michael Bradley)

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