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Survival in the Age of Covid

Shoppers Brawl Over Food at Supermarket

People on this planet have reverted to Stone Age survivalism. All we can hope to do is venture out from our caves into the Valley of Death to scavenge for food to keep ourselves alive.

We are at the mercy of the deadly enemy — not a gigantic dinosaur or a killer behemoth, but an enemy the size of nothing — a microbe that you need a microscope to see.

It’s laughable. An invisible bug mysteriously named Covid-19 can strike us down as dead as any Behemoth could — in fact, right about now, Behemoths and Dinosaurs are looking pretty good to me.

Today we could annihilate those huge monsters with the smallest weapon in our collective military arsenal — arse-nal, by the way, is a good word for the world’s insane stockpile of weaponry.

But those fearsome weapons are no match for the Mass Murderer Covid. The microbe that has reduced us to cave dwellers fighting for survival.

Oh, we have our smart phones and our flat-screen TVs and our nuclear rockets, but we have become Neanderthals who can barely scrounge enough food to keep us alive.

Man, you’ve got to hand it to God. He sure does have a weird sense of humor. Is this how He gets His kicks? Sending humankind back to the Stone Age?

Ha-ha-ha, incredibly funny it is — and unexpected, too. We were maybe expecting a nuclear war or something on a LARGE scale, but a microscopic bug! Oh, God, that really is a good one — gives new meaning to the phrase God-fearing.

But, hey, I’ll go along with it. I’ve got a pretty bizarre sense of humor myself. So I say to the 7.8 billion people on this tiny speck of nothing — smaller in fact, cosmically speaking, than that li’l bug that’s killing us all — let’s humor Him — after all, He loves us!


Spreading the virus

‘God’ is not going to save us, so save your breath


We, the people on this speck of sand in an infinite universe of endless galaxies, need help.

Beowulf is dead and the Silver Surfer has his hands full in the galaxy MACSO647 more than 13 billion light-years away.

So, who’s going to help us?


Dream on.

Thousands of Christians are still crowding together in megachurch services and praying to God to save them from Covid-19.

Megachurch hosts 1,900 worshipers despite coronavirus pandemic

‘Worship is essential’—Texas churches continue to hold services 

I cannot think of anything more irresponsible and “un-Christian.”

Yo, Christians, you’re supposed to care about humankind and yet you’re doing the worst thing possible to further spread the disease.

Besides which, benighted brethren, you’re wasting your time.

This invisible entity, super power, Supreme Being, whatever you want to call it, may well be (Oh, Heavens, no!) a figment of your fearful and fervent imaginations, an illusion, a delusion, a stubborn holdover from a primitive era.

And even if “He” does exist, He is the God of the entire universe, and since there are two trillion galaxies in the universe, he’s too damn busy.

Forget “God,” dear delusional dreamers. Get it through your heads, our only “salvation” in this crisis, as in any crisis — world wars, global depressions, plagues, 9/11 — is Ourselves, you and me, and most of all the doctors and nurses and all the brave people on the front lines, from health workers to grocery clerks.

The only power we have to survive this microbe hell is our own personal courage and strength and the will to survive. To hell with death and “eternal life.”

The next time some Christian fantatic talks to me about “God’s will” and the “Glory of God” and “Eternal Life,” I will remind them that people in New York City are dying of the virus every three minutes — and going to eternal death.

So, “Glory of God” expounders, stop congregating in primitive prayer marathons — and criminally spreading the virus — and do something actually “Christian” like try and save lives.