Help at the speed of light — or close to it

Just a quick personal note here.

Many of my posts are about the loved ones I have lost over the years. I try to write about their deaths objectively, with as little self-pity as possible, which is probably not possible. They are all gone. I am the soul survivor.

The hardest of all was the death last Christmas of my wife. She helped me through the other losses, especially the death of my son. And now she is gone. 

Some people might say, Why the hell do you put all that private stuff out there? Aren’t you embarrassed? A little bit, yeah.

But here’s the other side of that. When readers from Alaska to New Zealand respond with genuine compassion and advice, that’s a good thing, certainly for me and perhaps for them.

Many people who have suffered potentially-suicidal losses join bereavement groups that meet, say, twice a month. I joined one myself and it helps, albeit slowly. But the World Wide Web is an instant help. The hopes and prayers and advice of caring people from across the planet can get to you in a matter of seconds.

As my fellow blogger in Alaska noted, the Internet can be either, or both, a diabolical instrument or an almost god-like miracle. To me it’s a miracle.

Good night, and thank you, from New York.

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