Singers scared to sing the truth

Scared to sing the truth

‘This ain’t the freedom we’ve been fighting for.’

Songs are a great influence on society and its people, but most singers these days are scared to write and sing the truth about America going all to hell.

They’re afraid of being cancelled.

Not Nashville Hall of Fame songwriter Jeffrey Steele.

Jeffrey Steele

“Rock stars used to be anarchists,” said Steele. “They used to be anti-government.”

But in the current era of corporate and government lies, singers aren’t “saying things in their music about what’s really going on” in America.

And Steele has a problem with what’s going on in America. Freedom and individual rights are being canceled by left-wing fanatics. Historic monuments and statues are being torn down. American servicemen and women are being slaughtered because government leaders only care about themselves and their obsession with power. American citizens and their brave allies are being left behind enemy lines. 

You can bet your ass Steele has a problem with that. “I’ve always written from the heart,” he said. And if people who have been brainwashed by an autocratic government try to cancel him, it’s not going to work.


Steele has released a single called ‘Afghanistan’ about the Biden administration’s heartless and incompetent withdrawal that caused the deaths of 12 Marines and a Navy medic and stranded thousands of American citizens and allies to face tortuous deaths.

And here I am
a broken bleeding man
in between a sky of angels and an ancient land

“Our men and women were dying over there for twenty years and the government left them behind,” said Steele. Nobody was coming to help them. What is that?”

There is no truth in our government on the highest level, he added. “I don’t know where you get the truth from anymore. It’s certainly not the mainstream media. We know that.”

Aaron Lewis

Steele collaborated with singer-songwriter Ira Dean and country singer Aaron Lewis to write a patriotic anthem, ‘Am I the Only One,’ calling out politicians and extremist groups for the country veering far left.

Am I the only one, willin’ to fight

For my love of the red and white

And the blue, burnin’ on the ground

Another statue comin’ down in a town near you

Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone

Am I the only one?

The song has been ignored and even condemned by the corporate mainstream media and radio stations for its conservative fervor.

“If Aaron Lewis puts out a song about American patriotism, Steele said, “he gets completely shot down by the media.”

That ain’t right.

This is the song:

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The secret life of insects

Death is not the issue the issue is the erasure of all awareness and memory like stepping on an insect squish squash he was taking a bath must have been a Saturday night the insect doesnt suddenly wake up in insect heaven surrounded by other insects reminiscing about their crawling life chewing the fat so to speak which would be problematic since many insects eat other so you got this situation where one insect says to another how did you end up here Bugsy to which Bugsy replies you ate me you slimeball which of course insect one doesnt recall well whatever he says here we are or are we here because according to the mug writing this rubbish theres no insect heaven to which a chorus of insects pipes up what the fux he know did he ever crawl in our slime or see a ladybug make love or a praying mantis fold its arms in prayer oh no no no all he can say is insects are snuffed out all awareness and memories erased as it is with humans an outcome that is harder on the survivors than the deceased referring to humans now never having seen an insect funeral he says so stupidly or any signs of bereavement in the insect world what a jerk my my my all he can say is death is harder on survivors since the deceased have ceased to exist as noted in the word itself and now know naught living on only in the minds and memories of the living the dead are dead to all that went before lives erased as though they never existed the bitter anticlimax of lives while lived may have been joyful and wonderful and awful and woeful but in the end it doesnt amount to a hill of dung beetles dung because death cancels everything poof squish whatever death is the ultimate cancel culture hahahaha its so funny no existence no awareness before birth then a short life hey lookit even eighty years is the blink of a cosmic eye and then squish squash taking a bath blah blah blah sensation cessation all stop no awareness no memories hahaha if you dont think thats funny then dont bother watching the Three Stooges tonight.

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