Dining out in America — Enjoy your meal

Black Lives Matter thugs are alienating everyone, black and white

Florida diners trying to enjoy a quiet meal at several outdoor restaurants in St. Petersburg were screamed at and terrorized by “protesters.”

BLM louts took over one group’s table and threatened to knock the man the f— out.

If the protesters are seeking racial equality this is the wrong way to go about it. All they’re doing is alienating all civilized people, black and white.

Violent Black Lives Matter protests raged across America in the streets of Louisville, New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and Oakland.  

The mainstream media, whose corporate heads are members of and huge contributors to the left-wing Democrat Party, continue to lie to the American people by calling the violence and destruction “peaceful protests by patriots.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The mayhem is violence in the extreme perpetrated by anarchists. 

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Black Lives Matter bullies hurting their cause


What happened to the rights of people to have a quiet meal in a restaurant?

A mob of BLM bullies barged into an Upstate New York restaurant where people were quietly dining on Friday night and sent them fleeing in terror.

The hooligans smashed the diners’ wine glasses in front of their faces, broke plates, threw chairs wildly about and yelled at the diners to get out. “We’re shutting you down!”

The people peacefully eating in the restaurant had nothing to do with the reason for the BLM protest — the death of a black man in police custody last March — but that didn’t matter to this mob.

There are no police in sight. What happened to the rights of people to have a quiet meal in a restaurant?

BLM bullies pulled a similar tactic when they surrounded diners at a Washington DC restaurant earlier in the week and demanded that they raise their arms in solidarity with their movement. When the diners refused, they were harassed and threatened.


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