A lifetime of lies

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been lying his entire political life. His campaign slogan is the biggest lie of all.

Biden the perennial liar

Biden is lying during the closing days of the campaign when he denies using his position as vice-president to cook up a scheme with a Communist Chinese company that would net millions of dollars for his son Hunter, with a 10-percent cut for himself. A text-book case of political corruption.

Biden’s scandalous lies and rampant plagiarism were hot topics of news shows back in 1988, when he began his endless run for President. No wonder he looks tired and feeble now.

Biden’s presidential pursuit was said to be dead in the water more than 30 years ago.

“This guy’s dead meat,” a political commentator said at the time, referring to Biden’s blatant lies, including one about being a top law student when in fact he was near the bottom of the class.

“Bye-bye Biden,” said another pundit way back then.

Yet another concluded, “This guy’s a fly-weight.”


Unfortunately, like a fly, he keeps coming back. He even landed on Mike Pence’s head during the vice-presidential debate to distract the viewer from what Pence was saying.

American voters refuse to see through Biden’s lies because they are blinded by hatred for Donald Trump. They can’t see past Trump’s brash, rash, insulting, narcissistic, pugnacious, politically-incorrect personality.

But not all voters are blind —especially the young.

As one young female voter said, “We are voting for Trump not because he’s the most charming character on the block but we because we vote policy over personality.”


Trump haters ignore the fact that under his administration the U.S. economy was at an all-time high until covid hit. The stock market was at record levels. Trump brought jobs back to America. Employment across the board — Blacks, Hispanics, women etc. — was at its highest level in U.S. history. America became energy independent for the first time ever, meaning there will be no more U.S. wars over oil, as in the Bush I and Bush II presidencies.

Trump haters don’t care that his troops obliterated the scourge of Isis, terminated two of the world’s most dangerous terrorists plus several more lieutenants, and that he personally defused a very real threat of nuclear war with North Korea.

Biden the perennial liar


Trump haters don’t care that his commitment to law and order is the best chance America has to stop the riots and the killing and the burning of cities. Apparently they don’t care if they can’t eat a meal in a restaurant without being bullied and terrorized by left-wing hooligans.

They hate this man so much that they would allow America to be handed over to lawless gangs of anarchists who tear down the country’s history and burn the American flag. Sad.

Biden the perennial liar

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Hope is hard to find on the road to nowhere

The body politic is diseased.

American Apocalypse

The body politic is diseased, its stench rises like foul air from a sewer. The disease is riddled with corruption and lies and it is repulsive. People react with fear, hate and violence, which like a covid, is contagious and spreads across America.

The cities become unlivable, people flee to the suburbs, hatred and violence in hot pursuit. Citizens are hounded and terrorized, their homes invaded. They call 911 but no help arrives, the police have been eradicated and America is over medicated.

Opioids, booze and angel dust, help us Jesus, in God we trust. Angels love and the devil hates, take your pick, choose your poison, poison your opponents, it’s an art form in Russia.

What can we do? asks the common man and Susie Q. Will my vote make a difference, will a different party of the same old corruption make a difference, or is the party over?

Lunatics throw slogans around like firebombs — Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, but in the end nothing matters as they topple statues and topple the presidency and you abandon your residency.

You head for the woods and live in a cabin and arm yourself with automatic rifles and when you run out of ammunition you hit the road with nothing to lose.

Everyone you ever loved is dead so what the hell, you live free or die on the road to nowhere.

Art by Ralph Steadman

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State of the World

In a word: Doomed

The world used to be a dance floor

The world used to be a dance floor full of sensuality, a sports stadium crowded with excitement, a beach packed with pleasure, a tavern cheerful with camaraderie.

The world has shrunk. It wears a mask. It is chaos incarnate.

The world is now the inside of a house. For many it is the inside of a room. People are prisoners. The sports stadium and the tavern and the dance floor and the beach are empty.

Prisoners are permitted to go outside for food and necessary supplies but they must wear a mask and keep as far away from their fellow humans as possible. Essential workers are allowed out to go to their jobs but it is a double-edged sword for they run the risk of getting the deadly disease and infecting their families.

The fools who are in charge, the so-called leaders of the world have no idea how to deal with the crisis. People are going insane. They are rioting in the streets, killing each other, setting fire to buildings, torching police cars, tearing down statues. They say they are raging against racism but many of the rioters are racists themselves. They say they are fighting a revolution for change but the result is chaos.


Peaceful citizens do not join the revolution. They stay inside and watch the madness on television. Many go mad just watching it. They see no way out.

Beautiful young women who used to have fun on the dance floor and at the beach and in the taverns kill themselves. Men who are laid off from their jobs and cannot feed their children kill themselves. Nurses who have caught the disease and are afraid of affecting others kill themselves.

In the midst of this insanity despicable politicians obsessed with power fight among themselves and issue contradictory dictatorial rules and regulations and lie through their teeth that a vote for them will stop the virus and heal the country and blah blah blah.

But the rampaging mobs in the streets yell bullshit and the people locked away in isolation see no hope and buy a one-way ticket to oblivion.

I never thought I’d die alone
I laughed the loudest who’d have known?


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