Subway killings latest victim

Death trains claim another victim

Subway crime in NYC rages and the mayor does nothing

Talks about running for president

Do your job, says family of latest victim

If you ride the subway in New York City there’s a fairly good chance you could be murdered by a madman.

Shootings and knife attacks on the trains are out of control, and Mayor Adams, with only a few months on the job, is already talking about running for president of the USA in 2024.

As the family of the latest murder victim told him: Do your job in the city before running off to be president.

Adams smugly says he rides the subway all the time and feels safe — of course you do, you privileged elitist, you are surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards, a luxury common citizens will never have, like Daniel, a law-abiding, upstanding citizen who was taking the train downtown for Sunday brunch.

As his family said, “He was just a regular guy — if it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.”

Mayor Adams


Daniel Enriquez, 48, a financial researcher with a major firm, was on his way to brunch on Sunday morning when he was shot in cold blood by a deranged lunatic.

He was riding in the last car of the northbound Q train when the complete stranger shot him dead for no apparent reason.

As the train crossed the Manhattan Bridge, Enriquez lay in a pool of blood. The gunman ran through the crowded cars as terrified passengers huddled in horror, waiting for the train to cross the bridge and pull into the Canal Street station.

The killer ran from the train at Canal Street, up the stairs and disappeared into the city.

Emergency responders rushed on board the train, but the man’s life could not be saved.

Subway killings latest victim


Police later discovered that when the killer ran up the stairs at Canal Street he handed the murder weapon to a homeless man. The vagrant had the gun for about eight hours before selling it to a third man for $10 and a bag of cocaine. He was later arrested and charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm.

Subway killings latest victim
Daniel Enriquez

Enriquez, who lived in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn was a researcher for the financial firm Goldman Sachs.

“Someone tell Mayor Adams the city is not safe,” said the victim’s sister Griselda Vilè. “My brother just became a statistic on the way to the city.”

Losing a loved one is bad enough, she said, “but even if they catch this person he’s going to be out again.”

Police have identified the killer as Andrew Abdullah, a thug with 19 prior arrests. 



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