Subway brute goes free

Subway brute goes free!

“He shouldn’t be on the street.”

An ex-con who repeatedly beat a disabled 60-year-old woman with her own cane in a New York subway station was let go by cops!

The cops response to the savage crime is being investigated by the NYPD, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

UPDATE — On Wednesday the NYPD arrested the creep, ID’d as Norton Blake, 43, who ranted that he is ‘a man of the Lord.’ Blake, who has had nine prior arrests, will be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court this week.

Subway brute finally arrested
Photo by Steven Hirsch

The brutish thug struck the woman scores of times in the head, stomach, legs, arms and back when she fell to the ground. The attack happened inside the Harlem subway statue at West 116 Street and Lenox Avenue at 3:30 a.m.  

The victim, Laurell Reynolds, was taken to hospital with serious injuries all over her body.

“They should’ve arrested him!” she told the Post in a bedside interview. “They need to keep that man off the street.”

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3 thoughts on “Subway brute goes free!

  1. Welcome to the “new and improved” America. No bail, can’t arrest someone because it is racist and it might hurt their feelings. Can’t go to Europe or Canada, the same there. May Costa Rica. We have problems in Texas, but not as bad as New York, because here, the perps never know who is packing a hog. That video is frightening.

  2. You’re right, Phil, the cop figured the SOB would go free anyway under psycho lib DA Bragg, so he says fuckit. And you’re right about the other countries — liberal assholes have turned the world into a lawless anarchy, and the worst part is, even as it unfolds before their eyes, they still think they’re right, or at least won’t admit they were wrong. Yeah, I like Texas justice — I remember one Texan saying: “You kill somebody in Texas, we’ll kill you right back.”