Spiderman wins box office

Spider-Man beats the crap out of Omicron


The latest Spider-Man movie is winning HUGE at the box office. 

No Way Home gives the Big Screen a huge Christmas gift, scoring the highest opening day ever for the month of December and the second best opening day in domestic box office history.

The movie has grossed $250 million so far, the fourth highest U.S./Canada opening of all-time after Avengers: Endgame ($357 million).

It’s early days and the $200-million film is already well in the black. Directed by Marvel superhero master Jon Watts, the movie stars 25-year-old Brit and Captain America star Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

LOGOSpider-Man: No Way Home rakes in ONE BILLION DOLLARS worldwide in its second weekend, making it Sony’s top-grossing domestic movie ever. Story HERE.

Moviegoers give the flick an A+ CinemaScore rating, the best grade ever for a live-action Spider-Man film.

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