Space exploration our only hope

Launch goes perfectly — new hope for humanity

Elon Musk’s SpaceX roared into history on Saturday rocketing two astronauts on a 19-hour journey to the International Space Station.

Space exploration our only hope

The first launch from U.S. soil in a decade was a success in every way. The mission is the first in a new era of space exploration that will take us back to the moon, and then to Mars — and beyond. Humankind needs this. The planet needs this.

Tiny dot taken by Voyager [Earlier story] Our planet is in trouble

listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door; let’s go — E.E. Cummings

We all know the trouble we’re in — the planet Earth is dying — polluted air we can’t breathe, contaminated water we can’t drink, social chaos spiraling out of control, an endemic of racism tearing us apart, pandemics coming at us right and left, people dying in the hundreds of thousands — if the killer microbes don’t get us, starvation will — and if that doesn’t do it, some psycho politician will figure out a reason to start a nuclear war — Ha-ha, what fun we’ll all have — 7.7 billion people on a speck of dirt with nowhere else to go.


Space exploration our only hope

Urgent message to the SpaceX crew, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, true blue heroes in the Dragon spacecraft atop the Falcon 9 launcher — currently upright at launch pad 39A in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Get your astronautical asses in gear, lads, fire those rockets and go baby go, to the Space Station on Saturday,  and the moon later this year and Mars next year — and beyond, just like the Starship Enterprise — it’s humankind’s only hope.

Space exploration our only hope

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7 thoughts on “Launch goes perfectly — new hope for humanity

  1. Like the pandemic wasn’t bad enough? Now Trump is starting an all out trade war with China in lieu of their declaration to revoke Hong Kong’s special status and assimilate it under Communist rule. These two super powers have been throwing accusations at each other like rice at a wedding. What if it escalates into something more? What if there’s a mistake in judgement and first shots are fired?

    And watching the Black American racism rebellion on TV last night was like a bad trip of Déjà vu. All this in the middle of an ongoing pandemic? Your case to flee this wacky ruled world and start all over is not so crazy. To do it here, would most likely entail a cleansing war of epic proportions

    So save me a seat old buddy, on the next rocket to the stars!

  2. I like your post even if I don’t think we need to leave our planet to survive.
    What about working for peace seriously?

  3. I wish that were possible, but many politicians aren’t interested in peace — in fact, they actually believe war is the only solution. If there’s not going to be a Second Coming in the foreseeable future, then humankind needs to get going!