Snakes in dreams by Sadhguru.

Nothing sad about Sadhguru

Snakes in dreams by Sadhguru.

Indian mystic Sadhguru is a celebrity prophet who has ten million followers on social media. He advises the most famous people in the world, from troubled actor Will Smith to quarterback king Tom Brady.

Sadhguru explains snakes in dreams
Sadhguru with Will Smith.

Born Jagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev, he goes by the honorific title Sadhguru, which means Indian yoga guru and spiritualist.

Now 64 and married to Vijaya Kumari (pictured in header photo with Jaggi on his motorbike) he has been teaching yoga in southern India since 1982. He has written several books and is called upon to speak at international forums.

Snakes in dreams by Sadhguru.
Sadhguru and his pilgrims.

Sadhguru founded the Isha Foundation which operates spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing centers around the world. The organization has no religious affiliation because Sadhguru associates religion with the search for meaning.

And that would undermine his overall view of life, which is: “There is no meaning to anything.”

People who go looking for a meaning in life are wasting their time, he says, and not experiencing life itself.


A young Jaggi and his motorbike.

“If you experience life in a moment of joy, or love, you don’t look for meaning,” he notes. “It is only when you’re depressed or unhappy that you look for meanings.”

Despite his celebrity, or because of it, Sadhguru has his detractors. They call him a fake.

But whether or not he’s a fake, I personally like his take, on the much-feared snake.

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7 thoughts on “Nothing sad about Sadhguru

  1. So Western Civilization fears the snake. As The Christ said You are of your father the devil the seed of the serpent. To the zjreish Pharisees. For the Fallen diety had sex with the woman and a second maternal twin was conceived. The first killer Cain. His offspring coexist with Decendents of Able. To deny this is The snake gets bad press alright. Well deserved and evolution? Logic? No truths are hidden and Guru de IRS the fallen nature of mankind. The controversy of the Ages. Packaged and you shall surely not die…that’s what he’s selling. And all conversations on Earth are a sale. The creature of Bezzelbub was musical when in glory. Gurus didn’t work for the Beatles except George dead from 3 packs of cigarettes and Oz. Of hashish a day. The Gita the lie the same lie you shall surely not die, but he did as all do…until?

  2. Zen and the art of theological maintenance for profit and deny the prophet the western prophets

  3. Resurrection or reincarnation? The great question the great debate you shall surely not die uttered by the snake the clash of western and eastern civilization the age old debate does Life go on after you die no you’re dead the whole point you shall surely not die the big lie ordered again and packagedImagine there’s no heaven no hell below us it’s easy if you try a little too easy! Whatever happened to the Rajneesh where is all his Rolls-Royce’s thinking John Lennon’s

  4. That is one hell of a catchy title for a boook: Zen & the Art of Theo Maintenance.