Sex, drugs and marriage

They drank and they did drugs and they had sex with anyone they fancied, it was the 1970s, who didn’t!

And then to everyone’s surprise they got married. As the years went by he found out that she had been to bed with some of his mortal enemies, and she already knew that he had slept with some of her girlfriends — one of them she had to climb through a window to save after she tried to kill herself when he dumped her.

But that was okay with her, and he learned to live with the fact that she had slept with his former enemies. They went beyond that, they became, if you’ll pardon the expression, soul mates, and ended up being together for thirty years, and when she died, for the most part, he died too.

3 thoughts on “Sex, drugs and marriage

  1. Within the context of the rest of your blog, this piece resonates enough for me to wonder: do you have any long form material (like a novel) about this period in their (your?) lives? I’d be interested.