Second coming of Trump

America, 2737


Donald Trump has been charged in four criminal cases — in Manhattan, Miami, Washington DC, and Georgia. He faces a total of 91 counts with prison sentences totaling 712 years and 6 months.

If he’s sentenced next year, the former president, who is 77, will be 790 years old when he gets out. The year will be 2737 and Earth will be an apocalyptic wasteland.

EARTH 2737

Undaunted, Trump will organize an army of surviving ‘deplorables’ and launch his campaign to MAKE EARTH GREAT AGAIN (MEGA). 

Trump has 70 million diehard supporters — 50 percent of currently registered voters — who will go through hell for him and with him.

Second coming of Trump

As president he actually did make America great again. He turned the country into an energy-independent powerhouse, secured the southern border and kept out the criminal cartels who now kill tens of thousands of Americans with fentanyl every day, and sell young girls and boys into lives of sex and forced labor. Under Trump the U.S. Military was the most powerful in the world and would have stopped Putin from invading Ukraine.

Trump would have stopped putin

But in the last three years, America has been forced to beg for oil from mortal enemies like Iran where they chant ‘Death to America’ on a daily basis; the border is wide open to the scum of the earth; liberal-sanctioned crime in our neighborhoods is out of control; and the Military has been weakened to the point that Russia, China and Iran are in the best position ever to win World War III.


And all because liberals had a bug up their ass about Trump — he was rude, insulting, a womanizer, etc etc. So what?! What does that matter in the overall picture? Trump was the only president who had the guts to take on the Deep State. He was fearless with the courage of Beowulf.

Trump fights swamp monster

But the satanic evil that pervades the Washington swamp was too fierce for one man, and in the end he was defeated. America’s loss, Satan’s gain.

Brain-washed liberals put their personal hatred of Trump ahead of what was best for America, and that hatred ended up electing the lowest piece of slime in the swamp.

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