Seattle city of lawlessness

Welcome to Seattle — Enjoy Your Stay!


Lawless gangs occupy the once civilized city under the guise of Black Lives Matter.

They are anarchists and they are tearing America apart city by city.

Partisan politicians fight among themselves and do nothing to stop the chaos — they do not care about the American people.

Seattle’s CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) zone was established around a police precinct that was abandoned by cops during protests over the “I-can’t-breathe” death of George Floyd.

The area has been rocked by violence and death including the fatal shootings of two teens. Antonio Mays Jr, 16, was killed after trying to drive a stolen Jeep to the zone for safety amidst a hail of gunfire. The 14-year-old in the car with him was critically injured.


After three weeks of chaos and violence bulldozers wipe out CHOP zone and more than 30 people arrested as crime soared 525 percent

Seattle is not the safe city my wife and I visited some years ago. And it’s happening all over, from L.A. to New York. The America I moved to and loved decades ago will never be the same. The nation is going all to hell as socialists and anarchists take over cities, kill innocent people, destroy private property and tear down statues.

The lawlessness is out of control. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is dead.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Seattle — Enjoy Your Stay!

  1. The rest of the world is watching too Bill — mouths agape in disbelief! How this once strong, dominant, world leading country who today can’t even control what’s happening in their own backyard? On top of this, the US is also daily, breaking infection records for Covid-19!

    Meanwhile, your President, who continues to mishandle the whole Covid crisis causing uncountable numbers of needless deaths — sits unmoved by it all. Just tweeting inappropriate messages and inciting white supremacist groups. It’s bloody madness that he’s still in charge!

  2. Wayne, whether you’re right about the President or not, the opposition Democrats would be actually worse — they would allow the anarchy to get out of hand and no city and no street in America would be safe.

  3. We’re in a pickle all right! I’m aware of Trump’s problems but I’m all for law and order, whoever’s in charge. Maybe they should write in Bruce Willis as the presidential candidate! Dirty Harry’s too old now.
    But failing that, I might just head up to Montreal.
    Did you ever play Montreal, Wayne?

  4. No but me and some of the boys had some good times there once on vacation. Went to old Jarry Park for an Expo’s double header and tasted the night life the next day. Fun city — and the girls! Tres sexy, No?