Safe zones to live in New York

Stayin’ alive!

Safe Zones in the Big Apple

NEW YORK CITY is in the grip of a crime wave. Shootings are up more than 170 percent over this time last year. People are being shot dead in broad daylight. 

So, the secret to living in New York is not to end up dead.

The best chance of that is to live in one of these Manhattan safe zones —

Greenwich Village, Chelsea, the Garment District—between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, from 34th to 42nd Streets—and Midtown.

Crime wave

And outside Manhattan — Brooklyn’s Borough Park and Bay Ridge; and the borough of Staten Island.

Seven of the city’s 77 police precincts have dodged this year’s spike in gun violence without logging a single shooting.

They are the 6th Precinct, Greenwich Village; 10th Precinct, Chelsea; 14th Precinct, Garment District; 17th Precinct, Midtown Manhattan; 66th Precinct, Borough Park; 68th Precinct, Bay Ridge; 123rd Precinct, Staten Island.

“That’s the silver lining in this sad story,” said former NYPD crime analyst Chris Herrmann. “At least the problem’s not spreading.”

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