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🎵 Jude Jude, Judy Judy Judy…

A song best listened to when high!

Paul McCartney’s rock anthem ‘Hey Jude’ was released in the U.S.A. on this day, August 26, 1968.

The song is famous for its extended fade out which was described by a music critic as a “trance-like ceremonial that becomes almost timeless in its continuity.”

“Timeless in its continuity” — I like that, to which I would add, especially if you’re stoned.

Collector pays a bundle for song notes

McCartney’s notes for the song — a few lines scribbled on a piece of paper — sold for $910,000 at auction in April.

Rock anthem 'Hey Jude'

‘Hey Jude’ was released as a non-album single and was the Beatles’ first release on their Apple Records label. It had the longest run of any Beatles song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is Billboard’s 10th biggest song of all time.

Story behind the song

In 1966, John Lennon was married to Cynthia; they had a son, Julian. Then John met Yoko Ono, and the marriage was over.

Paul McCartney was driving out to John’s house one day and started composing a song in his head which he intended to sing for young Jules, as he was known, to cheer him up.

Rock anthem 'Hey Jude'
Yoko Ono, Julian and John Lennon, 1969

“I always feel sorry for kids in divorces,” Paul McCartney reflected. “I started singing, ‘Hey Jules, don’t make it bad, take a sad song, and make it better.’ It was optimistic, a hopeful message for Julian.”

A few changes were made and thus was born a rock anthem.

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