Rape revenge flick banned

Revenge is best served with a shotgun

Rape revenge flick bannedWhen a movie is banned in Sweden it’s gotta be one bad-ass flick. So bad you know you just gotta see it.The rape-and-revenge movie They Call Her One Eye is so graphically violent it was the first film ever to be completely banned in Sweden.

Not the first to be banned. That honor went to Victor Sjöström’s 1912 silent film The Gardener about the rape and suicide of a young girl.

Rape revenge flick banned


They Call Her One Eye, aka A Cruel Picture, written and directed by Bo Arne Vibenius under the nom-de-cinema Alex Fridolinski, is the 1973 story of a mute young woman who is forced into heroin addiction and prostitution. The abused woman escapes and exacts her merciless revenge upon the brutes who did this to her.

Christina Lindberg plays the vengeful victim Madeleine. Vibenius took out a multi-million-dollar life insurance policy on the actress because live bullets were used in the film.

American movie director Quentin Tarantino called the film “the roughest revenge movie ever made.” He was so impressed by it he used the film and Lindberg’s performance as the inspiration for Daryl Hannah’s character Elle Driver in his cult classic Kill Bill.

Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver


Madeleine is rendered mute as a child when she is raped by a crazy homeless man. Her next foul blow by fate comes when she is a young hitchhiker and accepts a ride from a son-of-a-bitch who get her hooked on heroin, turns her into a prostitute and becomes her pimp.

This bastard is so evil he writes letters in her name to her parents that are so full of hatred they kill themselves.

The final blow for Madeleine comes when she refuses to service a customer and is stabbed in the eye.

Okay, enough of this shit, she says, and finally manages to escape the clutches of the devil. She learns all about firearms and the martial arts and becomes a one-woman killing machine.

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