Man and cat Saturday storm

Steady as she goes


Finally, in the words of the lawn guy, we get a good soaking. Just what the brown grass was thirsting for. I didn’t see the lightning that signaled the storm’s arrival, but I heard the thunder. It woke me up. Baroom-boom-boom, a triple boomer. The cat was already sitting on the sill of the bedroom window to welcome the storm. Thunder doesn’t scare her. The sound of fireworks bothers her, but not thunder. She doesn’t know what the different sounds mean and where they come from and so forth but she does know the difference. She’s a storm watcher. She loves the rain. As do I. As do many people, as long as their homes are not being swept away.

When it becomes apparent that the rain has settled in for a lengthy stay, the cat jumps down from the window sill and onto the bed. She makes herself cozy at the foot of the bed and stares sleepily at the window. After a while she lowers her head onto the blanket and sleeps the steady-rain sleep of the contented. As do I. No need to rise in the House of Sloth. Though I feel I should. This is a waste of life. Do something for godsake. If you’re going to start living again, you’d better hurry. There will be plenty of time to sleep in the Void. Along with everyone else.


It’s funny, but not too long ago I wanted to kill myself. Now, I avoid the Void. I want to hang onto my memories for as long as I can. Because once in the Void, they will no longer exist. A mindful of photo albums thrown down the incinerator chute.

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