Rachel Roberts legendary alcoholic.

Rachel Roberts: ‘Everybody has a story—and a scream’

Rachel Roberts, legendary alcoholic who had a turbulent marriage to Rex Harrison, killed herself on November 26, 1980. She was 53.

The Welsh actress died from an overdose of barbiturates at her home in Studio City, California. 

Rachel Roberts legendary alcoholic.
Rachel Roberts and Richard Harris in ‘This Sporting Life.’

Rachel Roberts received an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress and BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award for the 1963 film This Sporting Life with Richard Harris.

She also won a BAFTA award her for her role in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning with Albert Finney.

Other critically acclaimed film appearances included Murder on the Orient Express (1974), Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), and  Yanks (1979).

Rachel Roberts legendary alcoholic with a history of eccentric behavior married actor Rex Harrison in 1961 in what turned out to be a tumultuous relationship. Both Roberts and Harrison drank to excess and engaged in public fights. They divorced in 1971.

Rachel Roberts legendary alcoholic.
Rachel Roberts and Rex Harrison.

The divorce hit her hard and her alcoholism and depression reached a critical level, culminating with her suicide.

In 1992, her ashes, along with those of her friend, British actress Jill Bennett who committed suicide in 1990, were scattered on the Thames River in London.

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