Billy Mickle in a pickle

Bad mushrooms

]You] we’re my raelity I. Eveyhing elsei wasn bulshjhy . You wre my saneity. Eve5thig elise was weXCL0pmaX. I haev ben gone crazy for threer yeasr and eihgt mothns -,/Wile Some guy who write a blog about beraeving his wif;e even thogh he got marride again, lov8 of live ecttdet -. well I say to tha guiy=, to hell with you Chakdhst yo have No RIGHT to 2rite about GRIEVINV FOR YOU WIFE WHEN YOU HAVE TAEK ANothr wif=e , lov ofe life etc etc =>, You Are a phoney berever/pdrioo. You’ve herd of true belivers, well I beleve in brue berievers. And spe3king of belieers I have elmaitex the woeds god aND jeseus from my vacabulry becasue it all a groteskqe lie a grab deluisi8n is too kind a word]]] for what it is, it is rott0n to the c0re the co;re being the cCHrCH burneing P0PLE at the staek for not beliving in Godf — God! h=ahaha what they-hell do they mewn. by Gofd an obseen invsible mohter dreaned up. by fearfu=rs. If tehre was a gfod and[nb hevean and all that bllsh I no my w-ife would bve contacte me in somne way atfer three hyear and eithth mothsb of prayig n toher or god for godsKJE FOR HEL[ BUt NotHIG. NOT A WORD NOT a hi=nt a glimeer a nothjing in rfetuirn frk whic i adn any saene perosn would dedeuce tthee is no hea;en v and ther is no god bit i did say saene perosn and sic i have declsred myse=-lf in.sane whater i m ralijng b=‘now is meingl/es becaue i a’m ISANE M,OGTEHCER…poiyhg8=-/oqlo…>.

Editor’s note: Readability needs improvement.

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