One hell of a sermon

Preacher scares you righteous

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Preacher scares you righteous


Let this preacher loose among a gang of murderers and lowlife thugs and he’d straighten them out in a New York minute.

Rev. Charles Lawson would do more to stop crime in the streets than any police force or social counsellor.

The pastor’s powerful voice would scare the worst godless bastard to death with a terrifying fear of a burning hell.

Preacher scares you righteous


He gives them fair warning: “Hell is full of murderers.”

Criminals run wild because “this brainwashed generation will embrace anything,” he tells his congregation in Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. And if they are finally caught, the judges let them go free. “Nobody is convicted of anything anymore.”

In a country where law and order itself has gone all to hell, Lawson preaches the gospel of fire and brimstone.

“There are murderers in this town who would blow your brains out right now for a fix of crack cocaine. It doesn’t cross their murdering minds that they’re going to burn in hell.”

Hell also has more than its share of politicians and greedy millionaires, he says. And more than that. “Without God, everybody would be in hell in a heartbeat.”

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