Poverty and crime

How to stop being poor

Requirements: Computer skills, willingness to take risks.

“I’ve been poor my whole life. So were my parents, their parents before them. It’s like a disease passing from generation to generation.” — Chris Pine as Toby Howard in ‘Hell or High Water.’ 

“The only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the final sin is stupidity.” — Hunter S. Thompson.

In February 2016, a hacker sent fraudulent instructions to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to transfer one billion dollars from an account owned by Bangladeshi Central Bank into private accounts in several countries.

The biggest bank theft in history took a month to plan and one night to pull off. No one has ever been caught.

Billion Dollar Bank Heist, a documentary coming out in August, tracks cyber-crime from credit card fraud to criminal organizations that hack into bank accounts throughout the world.

Check it out and maybe you can get out from under that mountain of debt.

If you can pull it off, feel no guilt, these huge international banks like HSBC are obscenely rich, using our money to play with and making billions of dollars out of us poor jerks with their interest rates and hidden charges and late charges etc etc…

So screw ‘em.

Billion Dollar Bank Heist will be available to rent and own starting August 15.

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4 thoughts on “How to stop being poor

  1. Good read mich. My young years were poor ones, but I didn’t know any better, so I was still a happy little kid. Things got better over the years thanks to my fathers drive to succeed. Banks and lending institutions border on criminal, protected by our politicians that border on the same. Daily, I receive scam emails that look real, but I know they are not. Pay Pal, Amazon, IRS, it goes on and on. One has to wary of anything asking for their information. I will check this documentary out.

  2. Did you ever see that movie, Phil? — ‘Hell or High Water’ with Jeff Bridges as the West Texas lawman chasing two brothers who were robbing Texas Midland branches to pay off the mortgage on the family farm before Texas Midland foreclosed on it. Great movie, and a good reason to rob Texas Midland, or any bank.