City of Shame

Portland city of shame

Portland, Oregon, used to be a genteel and beautiful city. The climate is ideal for growing roses. It was called the ‘City of Roses’ for more than 100 years.

Now it is the City of Shame. And this man, Mayor Ted Wheeler, does nothing about it.

City of shame
Portland’s liberal mayor Ted Wheeler.

Video: Downtown Portland, Oregon, near Union Station.

Scenes like the above play out every day in major cities across America. The rich ignore the human tragedy and spend their fortunes on enlarging their real estate holdings and indulging in their own lifestyles. And the federal government couldn’t care less, preferring to give Ukraine $100 billion to fight an endless war.

Politicians step over the human debris as they leave their ivory towers and go about their useless business of legislating politically correct pronouns as the homeless exist like discarded animals on their streets of shame.

Homeless drug addicts have now taken over suburbia in Portland, setting up encampments on people’s front lawns.

Every night I go to bed in my lowly bungalow I am reminded that but for a small pension check and the grace of the gods go I.

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2 thoughts on “City of Shame

  1. I visited Portland in the mid 90s for business reasons. It was a clean and well cared for city at least the parts of it I encountered. Lots of youngsters in Birkenstocks and back packs and more coffee shops than needed. It’s sad to see the ruin of our cities and yet we give billions to a corrupt country and government with no accountability of where the money goes. Good post.

  2. Thanks. Yes, I visited Portland when I lived in Oregon in the early ‘80s — as you say, safe and clean. Same with Seattle where my wife and I stayed in the 90s. We loved that whole Northwest area (married in Vancouver), all of which has become unlivable under liberal anarchy.