Politicians are lowdown snakes

Snakes in grass deserve kick in ass

To call politicians lowdown dirty rotten snakes is, of course, an insult to lowdown dirty rotten snakes.

In the Age of Covid, politicians lock you in and lock you down and if you don’t stay locked in and locked down they lock you up. And they do this while eating out without masks and doing whatever the hell they please because they are the high-and-mighty bosses and We the People — the common man and the working woman and me and you and Susie Q — are lowly slaves, even though we may have voted the fockers in.

Politicians are lowdown snakes
Oregon Governor Kate Brown

In the great forked-up state of Oregon, where it is now legal to snort cocaine and shoot up heroin, der Führerin, the innocuously named bisexual Kate Brown (real name Caterina F. Franco) has made it illegal to have more than six people from two households for Thanksgiving Dinner.

If you decide to be a real turkey about it and invite seven people over, maybe the lonely widower from a third household down the street, armed troopers will storm your house and drag you off, kicking and screaming and eating a drumstick to the slammer — 30 days and a $1,200 fine.

Politicians are lowdown snakes
Maskless California Governor Gavin Newsom dining inside with maskless friends at a fancy French restaurant.

California Führer Gathering Nuisance has a doozy of a Thanksgiving for folks out there. Family get-togethers must be held outside (even in 100-degree Palm Springs), have people from no more than three households, last no longer than two hours, and food must be in single-serve disposable containers.

You can only go inside to use the bathroom, which of course must be frequently sanitized. And tell the guy who’s been hiding in the bathroom that it’s safe to come out, Newsom’s Covid enforcers have left.

Politicians are lowdown snakes
New York Mafia kingpin Andrew “Andy the Jowls” Cuomo

New York’s Andrew Mussolini has also laid down the law — no more than a ten people for gatherings held inside.

Yo, Andy and all the rest of youse bums, think about it, Covid doesn’t suddenly stop infecting at the sixth person in the room or the tenth person and say, Whoa, that’s my limit in this house, off to the next.

The sickest joke this week involving gubernatorial dictators is that New York’s Cuomo was awarded an Emmy by those Hollywoodpecker looney tunes for his leadership during the early days of Covid — conveniently ignoring the fact that he ordered more than 6,000 Covid-positive patients to be locked away in nursing homes, infecting entire populations of elderly residents.

Nursing home scandal

New York now has one of the highest nursing home death tolls in the nation, with — who would’ve guessed! — more than 6,000 deaths linked to the virus.

Those Hollywood liberals should rename the Emmys the Benito Mussolinis.

[Interesting aside: The original Benito Mussolini, before becoming a politician, was a journalist. That’s pretty ironic, considering that today’s journalists and politicians are cut from the same snakeskin.]

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8 thoughts on “Snakes in grass deserve kick in ass

  1. They will drag you…”kicking and screaming, while eating a drumstick”. That did it for me..
    The recommended 10 persons or less to a group is reasonable, making it illegal is taking it to a whole new level.