Final Departure

Next step — the Patriot Party?


Donald Trump’s next move is to start a third political party — the Patriot Party — to take on the Democrats and his own Republican Party in the next federal election.

“The movement we started is only just beginning,” Trump said in his farewell address on Tuesday.

Polls show that Trump has strong support among rank-and-file GOP voters. More than 74 million Americans voted for him.

Washington DC — Dystopian City


The normally busy streets around Washington’s Capitol building are empty amid growing threats of violence for Qiáo Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

A loudspeaker repeatedly announces in an ominous Communistic monotone:

This is a test of the US Capitol Police audible emergency notification system.

“Super dystopian,” said a member of Remora House DC, an outreach center that shelters the district’s homeless. “Super scary times we live in.”

Kind of like Pyongyang, North Korea

Empty streets
A traffic warden stands alone on a deserted street in Pyongyang.

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