Outosego in tough battle

Outosego in tough battle


A dear friend to so many in the blogosphere is in the battle of a lifetime.

I speak of Outosego, as he is known to thousands of bloggers, a master craftsman in the art of blog design, and a genuine friend to those he has entertained, helped and encouraged.

He publishes our posts on his Flipboard magazine, and on social media sites. He also creates Flipboard magazines for many individuals. He is a champion for all bloggers.

Outosego is a gentleman who always addresses his many followers as “Dear.” The debonair logo he uses to identify his blog is that of the soulful troubadour Leonard Cohen, a perfect symbol for the sensitive artistry of Outosego.

He never divulged his real name. Some of us know his name, but mainly I believe he wants to remain the anonymous Outosego.

He is of Greek heritage. The way I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, the word outos in his native Greek language means thyself, and ego means I am, thus, I am thyself, or more colloquially, This is who I am.

And this is who he is: a wonderful humanitarian who is currently battling extreme pain and a tremendous physical challenge to become well again.

His last post, on https://outosego.com, on April 9, 2020, concluded with these well wishes for his followers:

Thank you, ethereal friends, for visiting my living room, for liking and commenting on Outosego. Take care yourselves. Take care your family and friends.

The post included a song by Leonard Cohen called, ‘Waiting for the Miracle.’

For all the believers in this global, ethereal community, pray for him to get better; and for all the non-believers, send out as much positive psychic energy as you can muster.

As it is, at this time, he needs a miracle. But the great religious writer, the late C.S. Lewis, believed in miracles, as do, I’m sure, many Christians in this World Wide Web of communication and camaraderie — which, when you think about it, is a miracle in itself.

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