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A few words on the end of the world

Today was a no-sun day. And now the moon is missing. Tonight is a no-moon night. The solar system is down. Suffering from severe depression. It knows the fate of its favorite planet. Destruction at the hands of lunatics. They possess the power to obliterate major cities in less than thirty minutes. Ultimately end all human, animal and plant life. Life on the planet hangs in the balance. At the whim of maniacs. Who would blast it all to hell.

One or two or three inferior beings have the power to end the lives of eight billion people.

How did this come about? How did these creatures get to control the fate of humanity?

What the hell is going on here!

Where is God?

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2 thoughts on “A few words on the end of the world

  1. God is still in control. The first humans rebelled against God and as a result allowed Satan to gain control of the world. God has allowed this so that we can see the results of disobedience but the time is coming when he will put an end to the rebellion and restore the earth to what he intended it to be.

  2. Thanks for the positive comment. I hope you’re right. As the saying goes: ‘From your lips to God’s ears.’