Nuclear war fears

Funnyman from Comedy Central

Nuclear war fears

As Putin (great-great grandson of madman Rasputin), prepares to nuke the world, rest easy, we are in good hands.

Q: Is this guy for real or is he just a funny guy from Comedy Central?

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2 thoughts on “Funnyman from Comedy Central

  1. If we are to believe that the election wasn’t rigged (fraudulent votes by mail, dead people voting, sacks of Republican votes destroyed or ‘lost’ etc etc) — and I do believe it was rigged — then the only reason Biden is president is because Trump-hating voters went to the polls with an ‘Anyone-but-Trump’ mentality and the fool Biden ended up being president. And the only reason that giggling low-IQ halfwit Harris is vice president is because the old fool felt he had to pick a ‘black woman,’ which in itself is not qualification enough to put her in such a powerful position. He is old and senile but smart in a corrupt and politically savvy way, but she is just plain dumb, an incredibly stupid bitch who slept her way to the top in the bedroom state of California.