No Bruce for Astra vaxxed

No Bruce for Astra vaxxers


Only people who got the right Covid-19 vaccine will be allowed in to see the ‘Bruce Springsteen on Broadway’ show opening June 26.

People who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has yet to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, will be barred from admission.

Springsteen fans who want to see the show must fill out a long Q & A form proving they’ve obeyed the vax rules to the letter and been fully vaccinated by an FDA-approved shot.

Concert goers must have received the single Johnson & Johnson injection or the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna vaccine at least 14 days before attending the show at the St. James Theatre.


But the AstraZeneca vaccine won’t cut it and you won’t be admitted. The bright side is you’ll save the $375 ticket price to hear an overrated performer.

Canadian fans are wishing they’d been ‘born in the U.S.A.’ More than 1.7-million Canadians have received only the AstraZeneca vaccine. No Bruce for them.

“It’s just plain unfair,” said University of Toronto bioethicist Kerry Bowman. “From an ethical point of view, people who have made a commitment to being vaccinated for the health of the world are being discriminated against.”

The only exceptions to the extreme vaccine policy will be children under the age of 16 who have had a negative antigen Covid-19 screening six hours before the show, or a negative nose swab test within 72 hours earlier.

No Bruce for Astra vaxxed

But any kid under 16 who would even want to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert should get a life.

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3 thoughts on “No Bruce for Astra vaxxers

  1. I think this is a great idea. Just look throughout history, segregation has always worked out well for people. Oh, wait . . .

  2. Yeah, right. And, now you mention it, segregation is a more appropriate word here than discrimination; I must change it. Thanks.