Mother two children slaughtered

Gunned down as they tried to escape!


The free world must intervene and end this butchery

Biden won’t do anything because he’s a weak old fool, but isn’t there one country on the planet with the guts to take on Putin?

A beautiful Ukrainian mother and her two children, their whole lives ahead of them, and a man fleeing with them were mowed down by mortar fire in a Kyiv suburb as they tried to escape.

Mother two children slaughtered
Tatiana Perebeinis

Tatiana Perebeinis, 43, couldn’t try and escape sooner because she was caring for her sick elderly mother.


Her children Alise, 9, and Nikita, 18, and a 28-year-old man they were traveling with were murdered by Putin’s killers. Their little dog was also killed.

Tatiana’s husband, Sergey, was in Donetsk when they were killed and was last heard of trying to get to Kyiv to bury his family.

Mother two children slaughtered

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the world he would hunt down and kill “every bastard” responsible for their deaths.

So-called “leaders” of the free world should have Z’s courage and use all their force to eradicate Putin, or least blast the hell out of his war machine.

How many innocent mothers and children have to be sacrificed before the world takes action?!

Mother two children slaughtered
The bodies of Tatiana and her two children, and a 28-year-old companion lie in the street amidst their luggage, the pet carry box containing the body of their little dog.

America should start dropping a few bombs in strategic places — for starters, the 40-mile convoy converging on Kyiv.

And if that doesn’t stop Putin, time to hit strategic military installations inside Russia.

Putin will be safe in his bunker, but as power hungry as he is, even he wouldn’t launch a nuclear holocaust. Because everybody knows, even this insane lunatic, you cannot win a nuclear war.

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