Moon outpost in three years

To the Moon, Alice!


The world’s most powerful rocket blasted into a black early morning sky Wednesday on the first stage of a NASA mission to return humans to the moon in 2025.

The Artemis rocket shot an unmanned Orion capsule into space on a 25-day journey to circle the moon and return to Earth.

Moon outpost in three years

The 2 a.m. launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida came after two earlier attempts were scrubbed because of engine problems.

The Artemis I rocket is as tall as a 30-story building — 322 feet (98 meters) — and weighs 5.75 million pounds (2.60 million kilograms).

More than 100,000 people, many who traveled thousands of miles to get to the cape, watched the blast-off from beach sites around the launch pad.

Moon colony by 2025

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2 thoughts on “To the Moon, Alice!

  1. I was lucky to watch one of the shuttles blast off during the early 90s. I can’t imagine what that Saturn did to ones ear drums. I think when all the moon dust settles, Space X will be the rockets we use. NASA is obsolete, and I grew up a NASA geek. There has to be a reason to go back to the moon, because they aliens warned us off. Maybe they want to be buds now.

  2. Yeah I’m with Space X too, and colonizing Mars. In historical perspective an outpost on the Moon is like the Vikings establishing an outpost in Newfoundland 1,200 years ago, but that’s where we’re at in terms in space travel, and as the saying goes, you gotta start somewhere.