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Politician tells Covid suffering Americans to go to hell



The livelihood and survival of covid-devastated Americans is in the hands of an old man in Kentucky who has a combined wealth with his wife of $54 million.

Mitch McConnell is his name and inhumanity is the name of the game. This rich guy who heads the U.S. Senate doesn’t need a covid relief check and he doesn’t give a damn about millions of Americans who do. I mean, $600! Come on now, for a government that spends billions of dollars on weapons designed to destroy the human race, $600 is chickenfeed.

And as for his excuse that it would add half a trillion dollars to the national debt, Americans are dying every minute, and those that aren’t dying are starving and committing suicide. What’s more important, the national debt or humankind?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful — the $600 will cover next month’s heating bill and my car payment — but this bastard has to put the kibosh on $2,000! How about $1,600 or $1,000? How the hell do you come up with a measly $600 anyway?


That $600 is not going to save the tens of thousands of restaurant owners who are going out of business because of the covid shutdowns.

Nor will it save the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of other citizens who have lost their jobs and can’t feed their families or put heat in the house.

The people are in trouble, you selfish creep, and all you can come up with is a lousy $600. Even Trump haters will acknowledge that he wanted to make it $2,000, which even his arch enemy Nancy Pelosi agreed to.

But ole Mitch down there in Kentucky, smug as a bug in his $54 million rug, said No way, José and the Common Man and the Everyday Joe and the working woman and the struggling business owner and the people who are committing suicide because they can’t survive.

Mitch McConnell, you are one soulless selfish bastard.

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11 thoughts on “Politician tells Covid suffering Americans to go to hell

  1. The time is coming for all those worthless bastards on both sides of the aisle. The fuse has been lit and the American people are going to snap sooner than later.

  2. Personally, I think it’s time for a full-blown, full-blooded revolution. Politicians run our lives, they regard us as gullible sheep who will keep putting up with the bullshit. I agree with you — the lowly citizenry, if they have any guts or self-respect, have to reach a breaking point at some stage of this mug’s game.

  3. Well I think I’ve suffered some. Many friends and family very sick, and I was afraid some would die, thank God all recovered. I had delays in income. I have to suffer wearing a worthless mask. But a stimulus payment doesn’t help anyone, its just a short feel good. Economically stupid and futile. But love your writing here! Just have to disagree on this particular one. I read every post you write. Hope you keep it up for a long time. Blessings

  4. I agree with you. People have forgotten that the power of the government is granted by the people, and we can revoke that power at any time. The government should work for us, not control us. As fed up as I am with the government though, I have to acknowledge that it is our fault that things have gotten to this point. We have been complacent and lazy for far too long. We’ve let these elites run a muck.

  5. True — which is why I spoke of revolution, but I know that won’t happen. As for kicking them out of office we can only do that every two or four years at election time — and now it seems you can’t even trust elections. It’s one hell of a dilemma.

  6. Hans, I apologize for my ignorant remark that you may not have suffered — clearly you have. I am glad to hear that your family and friends recovered. It’s true that the stimulus check is a rather insignificant brief relief and I don’t know enough about economics to gauge the impact on the economy. Putting all that aside, thank you for reading my posts, and your most gracious comment.