Milky Way Joins Search for God

Not only are people on Earth looking for God. Even the Sun is searching for God.

The Sun is speeding through our galaxy the Milky Way at 500,000 miles per hour in its cosmic hunt for the elusive Creator.

And get this! Not only the Sun, but the Milky Way itself is looking for God — it’s barreling through 500 billion galaxies at 2.2 million miles per hour.

Man, my head is spinning. That is one hell of a galactic God-hunt to beat all God hunts.

And yet — wait for it now — God is nowhere to be the found.

Is this perhaps not a clue? That God is a figment of the imaginations of fearful, desperate, eternal-life-seeking human beings.

I’m not saying that’s the situation, I’m just sayin’.

Comments to the contrary would be most welcome. I’m not saying there is no God, I’m just looking for help in believing as I deal with (and I’ll try to say this with as little self-pity as possible, which is probably impossible) the recent death of my wife; and the past deaths of my brothers and my son.


21 thoughts on “Milky Way Joins Search for God

      1. No lol, that made me chuckle. It’s called the Goldilocks Neighborhood because we are in the most perfect place in the solar system. Not too cold, not too hot, away from debris, etc. It’s literally perfect. It’s a little scientific fact I’ve run into over the years.

      2. So, where did all of those Hydrogen Atoms, that make up^ this Universe come From? Out of Nothing? Why do Hydrogen (and a little Helium) come together to Create all of those Stars? That Star, Our Sun, makes all Life Possible here on Earth. How many Humans even think to step out-side, and thank the Sun for shinning, in it’s Great Sacrifice, to provide Life on Earth? I just lost the Love of My Life, my wonderful Woman, I Cry, I mourn Her Loss, yet I go on, until my own Heart stop’s beating…..I empathize with YOUR Losses, my Brother in Time!

      3. O, man, you are at one with the Universe, and I admire (and envy) your will to “go on” — I know my wife would want me to, but is it hard, as you know. Allow me to say, friend in the ethersphere, you are the most hopeful hope I have found in the otherwise cold world of the Internet, whatever the hell the Internet is!

      4. Mich, This Inter-net can be a curse or a Blessing depending on how we human beings decide to utilize it. I choose it to be my blessing, as I am Deaf, and now I can use this to communicate with people all over this entire World, Have YOU met my Friend LWBUT, down in Australia? I live in Alaska, yet I have made a good friend, way down under! To me this is a Miracle, or better yet, a new form of Magic!

      5. Yes, now you mention it, that is amazing — Alaska to Australia in a split second, with a stop in New York along the way. I just started following your Aussie pal LWBUT.

  1. How much i like this article of yours, dear Sir ! You’ re a wonderful writer, You, already, know my opinion, dear Sir, about your writing style and etc. It isn’t, always, though, the writing style which makes someone a wonderful, or an interesting writer. It is thoughts, and questions like the ones in this article of yours.

    I can write all day on this topic, dear Sir. I have same questions. And i try to give some answers. And despite the fact i ask God to feel free and to make a comment under a post of mine, he ignores me.

    This kind of attitude -God’s attitude- is responsible for a chain of some additional questions :

    i. Does he need his privacy ?
    ii. Is he busy ?
    iii. He doesn’t like Outosego ! Not at all !

    And many more ! Many more questions ! However, i tried to give some answers to these three above.

    i. if you need your privacy, God, go to settings and click on hidden
    ii. if you’ re busy, God, use the sign : “Do not disturb”
    iii. if that’s the case : i don’t like you either, God. Not at All !


    Ps : i wish i had words to cure, dear Sir. There is so much pain. So much pain, all over !

    1. An excellent response, my friend, and all good questions. Perhaps “God” is simply (not that it’s simple) the mythologized Force behind the speeding Sun and the super-speeding Milky Way and all the other astronomically-speeding spinning galaxies in the ever-expanding Universe, that is to say, not an actual Entity, but an invisible Energy. In Energy We Trust, so to speak.

      1. You know how to pick the words, dear Sir. I use to say that : Words are Gods. For many reasons, and not only because the poets, and the writers, like to play with them. Sometimes, because they hold something in their core. Maybe, a secret, or a message, or some old knowledge.

        “Message in a bottle” is the title of an old song (not that old). “Message in a word” makes a nice title, also.

        You wrote : “En + tity”, “En + ergy”, “In + visible”, “Force”. What a wonderful discussion we can have around these words ! And not only ! And of course we can add words to our discussion, like : “physical” , “meta + physical” , plus a few more.

      2. And a fine wordsmith you are, dear friend. I like that: Message in a Word. It never ceases to amaze me that all the greatest works ever written, just in our fairly recent history, from Shakespeare to Hemingway, were all created from a relatively sparse modern English alphabet of 26 letters.
        Incidentally, what a perfect name for the English poet William Wordsworth!

      3. “From Shakespeare to Hemingway”. Indeed, dear Sir !

        And thanks to you, I’ll search for William Wordsworth (whose last name is wonderful !) .

        Ps : i don’t know why (i think i can make a guess) , but i always had a feeling of a closer connection to Hemingway’s work, or his way of expressing his thoughts, or whatever you wanna call it. Despite the fact that Shakespeare’s language -and not only- is a wonderful and unique gift to all of us.

    2. I so much like the Word’s Great Spirit, so much better than the miss-used Word GOD! I would dare to ask; What Spirit is it that prevail’s this un-explainable Universe? Since, as far as I understand it arose out of NOTHING, NOTHING, at All!

      1. Yes, the word God has become so vague and ambiguous that it is almost meaningless. The Great Spirit! That’s the ticket. And you’re right, before that simplistic cliché The Big Bang, there was something, namely the Great Spirit.

      2. “In the Beginning, there was nothing, nothing at all, then the Creator Spoke, Saying: “It Exists” and behold! That Lie of God might be God’s Truth, this Universe, at once, began to Exist” Author, unremembered, yet I remembered his Quote……

  2. It seems, kind Sir, that you would Love to chat with me, well I am game, my whole purpose on Word Press is to find and engage in Intelligent Conversations…..I take the time to read all of the comments, as well as the article, because I desire to see what “The People” are thinking! Outosego comes to mind!

    1. I would like that, but my computer is acting crazy all of a sudden, keeps cutting out etc. So I will turn in now and deal with the situation tomorrow. Thank you, Alaska!

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