Midterms can save America

Deadline: America

Midterms can save America.

So many patriots have died fighting for our freedoms, as ratified in the Bill of Rights. Honor their courage and their sacrifice on November 8th by voting against the current tyranny that is stripping away those rights — one by one. Until there are none.

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7 thoughts on “Deadline: America

  1. To quote Crisy Stills Nash and Young, Find the cost of Freedom Laying in the ground. The least We can do is cast a vote!! Get off our virtual ass and do the due diligence of Democracy, and hold the politicians accountable because we are to be governed by consent, not controlled by tyranny.

  2. If these mid-term elections go south, then the country is in peril. Both parties are as corrupt as the Corleone family. At least Tulsi came over from the dark side, or did she? Like Stephen Stills said in the Woodstock film, ” I’m scared shitless man.”

  3. The rotten racketeers running the Dem Party make the Corleone family look like the Swiss Family Robinson. I stopped being fearful about the midterms after drinking Scotch and yelling to God-or-Who-Whatever: THE GOP’S GOTTA WIN, GODDAMMIT! And a voice came back that said: Keep the faith, pilgrim.