Marine’s relatives sue Baldwin

Alec Baldwin screws up again — big time!

Slain Marine’s relatives sue Baldwin for $25 million

“Get raped and die, worthless c—,” one of Baldwin’s Instagram followers said referring to the slain Marine’s sister. “Your brother got what he deserved.”

First off, Alec Baldwin is a jerk.

Second, Karma is getting back at him big time.

While the actor is being investigated for the shooting death of a cinematographer on the set of his aborted western movie ‘Rust,’ now comes another disaster.

Baldwin is being sued in federal court by the family of a Marine who was killed in last year’s Afghanistan troop withdrawal for defamation of character after falsely accusing the Marine’s grieving relatives of being insurrectionists.

Marine’s relatives sue Baldwin
Rylee McCollum

Rylee McCollum, 20, of Wyoming, was one of the 13 U.S. service members killed in the August 26 bombing outside Kabul’s international airport.

After McCollum’s death, Baldwin found one of the Marine’s sisters, Roice, on Instagram and sent her a check for $5,000 to be given to the Marine’s widow Jiennah Crayton and her baby.

That was nice of him, huh?

Problem is Baldwin’s Instagram message accused the sister of being a January 6th rioter.

He posted Roice’s photo along with the accusation on his Instagram account, which has 2.4 million followers.

Baldwin’s Instagram followers savagely attacked Roice with “hostile, aggressive, hateful” messages, according to the federal lawsuit.

One of Baldwin’s followers posted: “Get raped and die, worthless c—. Your brother got what he deserved.”

Roice McCollum

Roice did attend the protest demonstration outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, but did not take part in the riots that followed.

Roice McCollum was completely exonerated after being interviewed by the FBI.

Baldwin also posted that the Marine’s widow Jiennah and sister Cheyenne were insurrectionists.

Again, Baldwin’s Instagram followers went ballistic, sending hateful and threatening messages to Jiennah and Cheyenne, comparing them to ISIS and Nazis.

Marine’s widow Jiennah wasn’t even in Washington DC that day.

While all this hate was being spewed by Baldwin’s followers, Baldwin did nothing to stop them from condemning and threatening the family.

The Marine’s sisters Roice and Cheyenne and his widow Jiennah are seeking $25-million in damages

The three women suffer from severe anxiety, mental distress and fear for their lives due to Baldwin’s post, the lawsuit alleges.

This knee-jerk jerk Baldwin is finally getting his!

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