Liberals are destroying America

Killing America

Liberals are the death of America. 

They are guilty of the rape and murder of children who are sold by monsters from hell that the Biden government welcomes across its wide open border.

They are guilty of smuggling fentanyl and other poisonous drugs across the border that are killing tens of thousands of Americans.

They are guilty of the invasion of illegal migrants with unknown backgrounds, many of them terrorists, who are murdering innocent citizens and trashing once-great cities into third-world hell holes.

They are guilty of the outrageous out-of-control crime in every Democrat-run city in America that has citizens scared to walk the streets or ride the subway.

They are guilty of abandoning — to this day — American citizens in the unforgivable capitulation in Kabul that resulted in the slaughter of 13 American servicemen and women.

They are guilty of ending America’s energy dominance and forcing us to beg for oil from Iran that chants Death to America every day.

They are guilty of emasculating the most powerful military in the world to the extent that our mortal enemies are a red button away from launching World War III.

And the beat goes on… La de da de de, la de da de da…

And anyone who still supports the liberal left-wing criminal anti-American agenda, and who would still vote for Biden/Harris — (Biden is bad enough, but Harris! My God, an unbelievable nightmare!) — should be put on trial, if not for high treason then certainly for low reason.

Header art by Zdzisław Beksiński


2 thoughts on “Killing America

  1. I can’t argue with any of that. I’ve felt that way for years. Now would be a good time for God to send a few bolt of lightning to crisp-up a few folks in Washington. Second thought, crisp all of them. I like the way you speak the truth, with no apologies.

  2. Thanks Phil, but articles like this further alienate me from my liberal friends and relatives, and probably from most of my few readers. As someone said, It’s lonely being Right.