The story of one Kyiv family shot to pieces by Putin’s killers

Family fleeing for their lives gunned down in cold-blooded war crime

Ten-year-old girl died in hail of gunfire, now her baby brother has died as big sister clings to life

Remember the little blonde girl who was killed last Saturday when Putin’s barbarians opened fire on the family car?

Kyiv family shot to pieces
Polina Kudrin

The Kudrin family of Kyiv — father Anton, mother Svetlana, their two daughters, Polina, 10, and Sofia, 14, and five-year-old son Semyon — were desperately trying to flee from the carnage exploding all around them.

Kyiv family shot to pieces
The Kudrin family: Father Anton, mother Svetlana, with Semyon, Polina and Sofia.

Lovely Polina, her whole life ahead of her, and her parents died in a fusillade of Russian gunfire that ripped through the car.

Little Semyon and his older sister Sofia were rushed to Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in critical condition.

Kyiv family shot to pieces
Little Semyon fights for life in hospital.

Now, Semyon has died.

His sister Sofia, 13, remains unconscious and in critical condition.

Innocent, terrified people murdered to satisfy a madman’s psychotic lust for power.

This was just one atrocious war crime among many committed every day by Putin’s army.

More than 2,000 Ukrainian civilians, including dozens of children, have been murdered in the invasion so far as Putin targets hospitals, kindergartens and homes.

Kyiv family shot to pieces


Somebody’s gotta stop this son of a bitch!


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