Kirk back from space

Light this rocket!

Captain Kirk, oldest space traveler, blasts off…

… And returns to earth filled with emotion

“Everybody in the world needs to see this,” the 90-year-old said through tears after climbing out of the capsule.

“This is Mother Earth, life and comfort down here, and up there,” he said pointing up, “is it just death? I don’t know. What you see is black and what you see down here is light.”

After the amazing return to earth of the rocket, the capsule containing William Shatner, and fellow crew members Audrey Powers, Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries, had a flawless touchdown Wednesday morning in the West Texas desert.

“What you have given me,”Shatner told Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, “is the most profound experience I can imagine — it’s extraordinary. I’m so filled with emotion.”

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