Killer sharks await swimmers

The man-eaters await!

Nine-foot-long killer sharks are hungrily lurking off the New York-New Jersey shoreline — and they’re waiting for YOU!

The man-eaters — they eat women and children too! — are being tracked by the marine research group Ocearch which collects data from electronic tracker ‘pings’ each time a shark surfaces.

There are thousands of sharks out there but the ones specifically being monitored are—

  • Simon, a 9-foot-6, 434-pounder that surfaced on May 2 near Fire Island, NY.
  • Jekyll, an 8-foot-8, 395-pounder that ‘pinged’ on May 15 near Long Beach Island, NJ.
  • Keji, a 9-foot-7, 578-pound monster that was spotted on May 17, 40 miles off Long Island. 
  • Frosty, a 9-foot-2 inch, 393-pounder that surfaced on May 21 off Montauk, NY.

Killer sharks await swimmers

Graphics by the New York Post

Just last weekend a 15-year-old girl was attacked by a shark while surfing off the coast of Stone Harbor, NJ.

Maggie Drozdowski, who suffered deep bites to her left leg that needed many stitches, said the attack left her “traumatized” and terrified to go back in the water.

More than 14 percent of the world’s shark attacks last year occurred at Long Island beaches along the New York shoreline, according to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File.

Killer sharks await swimmers
Lifeguards on the lookout for killer sharks along the U.S. northeastern shore.

THE Man-eaters aWAIT!

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