Keep America free—to hell with bigotry!

I got plastered tonight, a bottle of gin down as I watched Easy Rider, my time, getting high and getting down, me and Susan part of the freesoul smokin tokin sexorama of the ‘70s and out of the craziness two soulmates coming together and it just so happened that Easy Rider was the movie on TV the night we got married, the best night of my life and now she’s gone, as is my northern brother Alaska Man’s Susan gone and I know you can’t hear the sound of the music, man, and I’m half blind so between the two of us we can put it together and celebrate America and our Susans.

Two guys riding the highways of America and then two ignorant crackers come along and blow away the American dream of freedom for all but it ain’t gonna happen again, old hippies are still here and we don’t take no shit, yeah that’s my 80-proof contribution for tonight…

Keep America free

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