Joe “The Big Guy” Biden and the China deal

‘Are you the Big Guy?”

Do Americans Want a Red Profiteer for President?


In cahoots with the Communists

Joe Biden used his position as Vice President under Barack Obama to profit from a private deal with the Communists.

In return for the millions of dollars Biden would pocket, the Communists would receive political favors from the Obama administration.

The practice is called “influence peddling” and by definition “bears the stench of corruption that de-legitimizes democratic politics.” In other words, it’s crooked as hell.

As Secretary of State under Obama, Hillary Clinton turned it into an art form. Yet Clinton was never called to task by the liberal Democrat-run mainstream media. And this will no doubt be the case with Biden.

Democrats go free, Republicans get nailed

If a Republican, e.g. President Trump, was involved in such corruption he’d be hung out to dry. But if you’re a Democrat, you get to skate free. This is the state of “Democratic” politics in America.

Now running for president against Donald Trump, Biden was a willing and eager participant in a family scheme to make millions of dollars from a shady Chinese Communist energy firm, his son’s ex-business partner has confirmed.

The deal, in May 2017,  guaranteed a 10 percent cut for a person known as “the big guy.”

Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski said “the big guy” was Joe Biden.

Biden has so far claimed he knew nothing of his son Hunter’s Chinese business dealings.

Millions of dollars for Joe

But this latest revelation from Bobulinksi makes it an indisputable fact that Joe Biden did know about son’s deal with the Communist Chinese company that would make millions of dollars for himself and his son.

This makes the Presidential contender — in his own words to a voter who once disagreed with him — a “lying dogface pony soldier.”

Joe Biden and his son Hunter traveled together to China on Air Force Two where Hunter landed a $1.5 billion — billion with a ‘b’ — commitment from a government-controlled Chinese bank.


Plus the deal with Ukraine

In addition to that, “there was Hunter’s $83,000-a-month gig on the board of a Ukrainian energy company — despite his lack of experience in Ukraine or knowledge of energy,” writes investigative reporter Michael Goodwin.

“It was no coincidence that the vice president was the Obama administration’s point man in both countries. Wherever Joe went, Hunter went along, not to do good, but to do well. Very well. There were similarly lucrative deals in Russia, Romania and ­Kazakhstan — that we know of,” added Goodwin.

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