Jeremiah the weeping prophet

Jeremiah cried for Susan Hayward

Jeremiah the weeping prophet

It is written in the Scriptures that Jeremiah was a bullfrog❌❌❌ No, no, no, be serious! Sorry, Lord. It is written that Jeremiah preferred movies to real life because if he didn’t like a movie he could change the stone reel and watch a different movie, unlike real life where you can’t change the reel, you’re stuck with this one rotten life.

Jeremiah liked movies with plenty of emotion — you know, tearjerkers. He cried at the end of I Want to Live! when Susan Hayward is executed in the gas chamber. First of all it’s not a slam-dunk that she was guilty of killing the old woman, she could have been framed like she claimed.

She was a bad girl, no doubt about it, but she didn’t appear to Jeremiah to be a killer. Anyway, as he said, the taking of a life is not up to a politically motivated DA or a self-righteous state governor, the decision to take a life is purely and divinely up to God and God alone, thus argued Jeremiah through his tears at the end of the movie.

Jeremiah the weeping prophet

That’s why he was called the ‘Weeping Prophet.’ He cried through a lot of movies. He was in tears at the end of the Italian movie Life is Beautiful (La vita è bella) when the sweet-natured, ever-cheerful Roberto Benigni hides his young son from the Nazis and is then taken into an alley and shot.

When Jeremiah didn’t want to be so sad, he’d watch a movie like A Fish Called Wanda.

Jeremiah the weeping prophet

That movie had him in hysterics, notwithstanding all the four- and seven-letter words uttered by Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis. That kind of language didn’t bother Jeremiah because he had an earful of some pretty bad language in the Old Testament.

So, here’s the thing, just like Jeremiah, I prefer movies to real life. Take, for example, The Candidate with Robert Redford.


Now that’s the kind of honest guy we want running for president, not the current bunch of egotistical nitwits, halfwits and fuckwits. There are politicians who would start a war and blow up the world if it enhanced their psychotic agenda.

But I stopped worrying about that kind of thing a long time ago. When I hear talk of World War III on the airwaves, I turn it off and watch the movie version, Dr. Strangelove with Peter Sellers and Sterling Hayden. Much better than the real version.

And still one of the best endings in movies — Major Kong riding that nuclear bomb to oblivion like a buckin’ horse at a Wyoming rodeo. Like just about everybody else who’s seen it, including of course Jeremiah, that gets me laughing and whooping it up right there along with Major Kong.


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