Is sexy model alive?

Roberta Pedon — Mysterious fate of adult movie model


Is Roberta Pedon, a free-spirited hippie model and actress from the sexy ‘70s, dead or alive?

Reports vary as to her fate. The anniversary of her death is noted as July 30, 1982, by the ‘On This Day’ website.

But ever since she disappeared from the spotlight in 1975, her whereabouts have been the subject of much speculation.

Roberta Pedon was reportedly born in Venice, Italy, and came to America as a young woman. Another report has her born in Ohio.

Wherever she came from she brought with her extraordinarily large breasts and soon began appearing in men’s magazines, including Gent, Fling, Gem, The Swinger and Mayfair.

Is sexy model alive?

She landed a co-starring role in the 1975 adult movie romp Delinquent Schoolgirls. She also appeared in 8mm sex loops.


That’s her jumping…


For unknown reasons, possibly drug use, the modeling agency she worked for, American Art Enterprises, fired her and she reportedly became a homeless drug addict.

She was jailed in San Francisco in 1975 for drug and prostitution offenses and forthwith abandoned by the adult entertainment industry, including AAE, which got her the part in the movie.

Further reports had her involved in a bank robbery. And, finally, that she died of liver disease in Oakland, California on July 30, 1982, at the age of 28.

But, claims the adult film archives ’Rialto Reports,’ Roberta Pedon is neither dead nor ill, but alive and well and residing in California.


The last known record of the mystery woman may be this interview in Italian from 2018 in her native Italy.

But is this the Roberta Pedon of adult entertainment fame? It certainly looks like her, given that 36 years have passed since her presumed death. But nowhere in the interview is she asked about, nor does she mention her exotic past.

Her death has been backed up by friends who knew her, and they say she was cremated in Oakland.

All current attempts to contact her have been unsuccessful. Yet ‘Rialto Reports’ and many of her diehard fans believe she is alive.

Was this all a cleverly orchestrated disappearing act, or is the real Roberta Pedon no longer with us? 

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12 thoughts on “Roberta Pedon — Mysterious fate of adult movie model

  1. Perhaps it is best that she has disappeared. If she is alive, perhaps that part of her life she prefers to lie buried, and in fact is forgotten and dead to her. If the door to answering the mystery exists, I believe it is best that she open it, and it not be forced open. – David

  2. David. Excellent point and well said. Many of us have past lives we would like to forget (including me) and certainly not have them dredged up in the salacious press. I hope she’s still alive and happy. End of story. Thanks for the comment. Bill M.

  3. That video makes me think it’s her. It looks just like her. It would be a clincher if we could see her tiddies but oh well.

  4. Yeah, same nose, but if it is her, why didn’t the interviewer allude even briefly to her past? Maybe that was the agreement going in.

  5. If you read the article to the end, please note that she refuses to talk about her time in the U.S.

  6. Thank you for continuing to pay attention to the great Roberta and may she not be forgotten. Apart from the 2018 interview, there is a mini documentary about her life that aired on Italian TV in 2019. In it you can clearly see that it is her, and she tells something of her years in the USA, where she married in las vegas for start working as photomodel with her bf, enrico. She also tells that she was seriously ill for a long time and returned to Italy. Possibly due to that disease she had a reduction of breasts, since then in all the images until now she has little breast, but not before. Already in Italy she dedicated herself to fashion, magazines and Italian TV with some travel reports.
    It is sad that she did not reach more fame in the USA and appeared in more prestigious films (she remember me to Carrie Fisher), but at least now we know that the great Roberta Pedon was still alive and active in Italy, and she is of Venetian origin! Long live RP :)
    The documentary is "le ragazze" 12Oct2019 from rai tv, second half ;)

  7. Very interesting, thank you, but I couldn’t find that documentary — do you have a link?

  8. I think this is her. Look for a picture where her left ear is exposed. There don’t seem to be many, but the large lobes and rather deep dip in the opening just forward of the ear lobe tells me this is her.

  9. The earlobes, yes, and to me, the nose, slightly bulbous at the tip — that’s the same nose.